Agency Campaign
Moderation Services

Reach your target audience and drive higher
engagement to your ads with agency campaign moderation.

Make Your Campaigns Effective, Authentic and Relevant

Successful advertisements bring higher sales, audience engagement, and improved branding.
Whether you need assistance in scammer-proofing your campaigns or simply want to make sure your ads are free from any misleading detail or association with illegal groups and activities, Chekkee is the right team for you.
We cover the following areas in enhancing your big and small promotions:

Accessible Assistance

We understand how competition can be tight on different industries and businesses. You can count on our team’s readily available assistance for any sudden changes you may need in surveying your ads.

Automated Filters

Thanks to the power of AI (Artificial Technology), we can speed up the rate at which inappropriate texts and comments are used to tamper with your ads or diminish your brand’s credibility.

Enforce Banner Ad Guidelines

For business websites allowing ads from other services, we see to it that their banners ads comply with the measurements and dimensions that you have set.

Intelligent Content Review

From text-based content to images and videos, we carefully scrutinize all types of comments and feedback associated with your campaigns. We immediately get rid of false information and prevent competitors from discrediting your services.

Real-Time User Engagement Monitoring

Employ our moderators to track authentic engagement and traffic to your ads. Discriminate between fake profiles and genuine followers to ensure your marketing strategies go smoothly as planned.

What Can You Gain From Our Lineup of Social Apps Moderation Services?

What does moderation mean on your campaigns?
By having an efficient group of experienced ad moderators on your side, you can maximize the selling points of your promotional plans to its full potential.
Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for ad campaigns can bring:

Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for e-commerce websites can bring:

Avoid being reported by users or website administrators. Publish campaigns that align with the standards and guidelines of different ad hosting sites.

Capture the interest of leads and potential business partners with well-maintained, accurate, descriptive, and carefully designed advertisements and campaigns.

Get more clicks to your banners, website, and social media pages with a completely enticing and bogus-proof advertisement. Count on our moderators to increase the appeal of your promotions.

Set the standards for other businesses offering similar campaigns and services. Better yet, surpass your competitors and high-quality ad content.

By eliminating unfavorable comments and inaccurate information from overshadowing what you want to promote, your ads remain significant to your audience and well-coordinated with your core objectives.

Reach the correct demographic of customers and leads for your campaigns. Increase engagement and conversions for your continued success.

24/7 Real-Time Agency Campaign Management Solutions

Each of our skilled  moderators at Chekkee are well-trained to meet your expectations and expand the breadth of advantages that your campaigns can bring.
We are well-versed at handling short and long-term marketing strategies and we can also monitor simple to more complex ads for different agencies.
Our world-class moderation solutions encompass the following:

Our Methods for Moderating Your Agency Campaigns and Ads

Enticing more audience to read your ads, click on your sales links or learn more about your services and other campaigns you may have is challenging—that is, without a skilled moderation agency to assist you in maintaining the accuracy, quality, and transparency of your ads.

Here’s how our team of efficient moderators make your campaigns engaging and appropriate for your target audience:

We Call it the 3E’s!



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