App Guidelines Moderation Services

Deliver user satisfaction and drive higher
engagement with App Guideline Moderation assistance.

Make Your App Guidelines Clear and Consistent Across all Your Platforms

Reinforced compliance over the set guidelines for how your apps and platforms should be used is instrumental and meeting customer expectations.

By outsourcing our moderation services, you instantly improve convenience for your end-users and entice them to continue supporting and availing your services.

We cover the following areas in implementing your terms and conditions for the use of your apps:

AI Filter System

With a filtering system operated by Artificial Intelligence, you get to zero in on users engaging in activities or posting content that contradict the conditions for using your apps or platforms.

End-User and Client Support

You can depend on our moderation team to address concerns involving the implementation of your app guidelines, as well as the security, privacy, and convenience of your customers when interacting with other individuals availing the features you are offering.


We scrutinize and review texts, messages, and/or visual content exchanged between parties using your platform. User-generated content that adheres to your posting rules are approved, while those that do not are rejected.

Protection Against Fake Profiles

Our team validates the authenticity of profile accounts and photos registered to use your apps. In this manner, we put a stop to hackers and scammers attempting to impair the efficiency of your services.

User Activity Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on any suspicious member or user activities. Users found engaging in illegal activities through your platform are immediately banned.

User-Generated Reports

Chekkee promotes proactive involvement from your community. We encourage your end-users to report violators and inappropriate content on your app.

What Can You Gain from Our Lineup of App Guidelines Monitoring Services?

What does moderation mean on your apps and platforms?

By having an efficient group of experienced ad moderators on your side, you can maximize the advantages that your target users can get from choosing your services over your competitors.

Check out the positive difference that our moderation service for application guidelines can bring:

Drive a higher number of new members to use your app’s features. A well-regulated community of end-users equate to seamless regulation of your services and an assurance of user safety.

Compliance with your app’s guidelines make user activities and concerns more manageable, thereby increasing the trust that your existing customers have with your features.

Help your customers maintain a safe distance in the digital world against suspicious users. We uphold the privacy and security of your end-users through strictly enforcing your privacy policies and terms of use.

Enable a smooth-sailing process for updating the existing guides and terms for using your app. We help maintain the consistency of these conditions and keep it concealed from fraudsters.

Both old and new end-users experience nothing but excellent assistance and services with your apps. By eliminating potential violators in your community of customers, we help you highlight the needs and expectations of individuals who genuinely want to try your platform’s features

Boost your app’s protection against scammers and online trolls attempting to disrupt user convenience and the seamless flow of your services.

24/7 Real-Time App Guidelines Management Solutions

Each of our skilled moderators at Chekkee are well-trained to meet your expectations and expand the breadth of services coupled with your apps or platforms.

We are well-versed at ensuring complete adherence to simple and complex policies for using your services.

Our world-class moderation solutions encompass the following:

Our Methods for Moderating The Guidelines in Using Your Apps

We want your customers to regularly choose you over your competitors. We can make this possible by promoting order and harmony among your users. We delete inappropriate content and links to suspicious websites and phishing scams on your platforms. We exceed the expectations of both our clients and the people for whom their services and apps are built.

Here’s how our team of efficient moderators make your app guidelines easy to understand and practice for your customers:

We Call it the 3E’s!




One of our app guideline moderators will reach out to you to learn more about the objectives and requirements for your platform. We provide our rates and elaborate how we can help improve user engagement and ensure that customers follow through with your policies and terms.


We introduce you to our resident moderation experts and arrange a tailor-made system based on how you want to increase compliance, convenience, and satisfaction for your end-users.


We are adaptable to additional changes and demands coupled with improving how users employ your apps’ features while protecting your brand from potential hackers and suspicious profiles.

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Overcome the challenges of delivering seamless assistance to your users and effortlessly promote the key aspects coupled with choosing to use your app.

Boost Your Online Presence. Create a Safe Space for your Apps and End-Users.

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