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Our Projects

Social Media Website Moderation

Vegan Meal Delivery Services

The client specializes in preparing vegetarian snacks and meals for customers with specific dietary restrictions and nutritional requirements due to underlying health conditions.

  • They prepare weekly menus to ensure they serve fresh ingredients and uniquely delectable meals to all their customers.
  • They have multiple partnerships with fellow vegan brands in their area
  • The client also accepts on-the-go orders for quick, healthy snacks placed at least 2 hours in advance.
  • Social media is the easiest and best way for the client to monitor customer feedback and expectations on their products.

Image Moderation

Event Photography Services

The client has earned a reputation for producing exquisite and high-quality photos and videos for their clientele.

  • They specialize mainly in weddings and corporate events.
  • They need to maintain their brand reputation to keep up with the growing competition.
  • The client is also concerned about people stealing their work and using it without their consent.
  • They want to expand the coverage of their business and reach more new customers.

Dating Site Moderation

Online Dating Services for People Aged 50 & Above

The client offers online dating services for older romantic hopefuls. Their services aim to highlight the convenience and safety of their target users, especially since the threat of the pandemic is still ongoing.

  • Their target users are those aged 50 years and older
  • They have a website and an app.
  • The client used to cater to a broader age demographic but decided to update their services and focus on a more mature client base.
  • They recently added a video chat service to help their users interact more conveniently amid the pandemic.

Online Shop Moderation

eCommerce Website for Office Supplies & Computer Accessories

The client has a newly launched eCommerce site. They also own a few other ventures. For now, the client wants to focus on attracting more customers to their website to increase conversions and sales.

  • They are currently selling locally, but have plans of expanding the business to nearby states.
  • They source materials for their products internationally.
  • Their website has a comment and chat feature for customer concerns and feedback.
  • They want to be on par with more established competitors in their chosen niche.