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Dating Site Moderation

Online Dating Services for People Aged 50 & Above

The client offers online dating services for older romantic hopefuls. Their services aim to highlight the convenience and safety of their target users, especially since the threat of the pandemic is still ongoing.

About the client

What used to be a dating site for people of all ages soon became an exclusive and ideal place for seniors based in Australia, and in the US to find love. They specialize in helping people belonging to the older generation find potential partners, either for long-term or short-term commitment. Their dating site’s features are designed to provide user-friendly features that allow their users to interact and check each other’s interests and profiles.

Client’s request


The client sought help in eliminating fake user profiles on their site.


They needed help verifying newly registered users.


Some users reported receiving spam and suspicious links from other users.


They want to boost user security during video chats and ensure all users abide by the guidelines for using their services.

Chekkee Solutions:

Here are the solutions offered by our team of moderators:

  1. Profile moderation services to verify the details on users with suspicious profiles.
  2. Newly registered user accounts are screened to check that they adhere to the site’s requirement—from the default image they use on their profile to their email address. They also check the authenticity and accuracy of personal details provided by users such as their date of birth, age, and location.
  3. Chekkee’s text and chat moderation monitor what users share to fellow users through the site’s private messaging features. Filters for profanity and inappropriate terms enable real-time and simultaneous detection of user harassment and attempts to breach to their security.
  4. Moderators are available 24/7 to address reports of inappropriate user behavior along with any errors encountered while using the video call feature.


User experience significantly increased. Chekkee helped the client pinpoint telltale signs that a profile is fake and protect their users from encountering catfishers and scammers while using the dating site. All in all, Chekkee’s moderation expertise served as an added layer of security for both new and existing users on the client’s platform.

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