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Keep your kids safe from traumatic and disturbing
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Make Your Children Site Educational and Kid-Friendly

Without applying consistent supervision and caution, the internet can be quite dangerous to young children. The number of inappropriate images and videos that they can possibly encounter is immeasurable.

How can you make sure that the content on your educational websites are 100% safe and conducive to learning?
Our range of moderation services are tailored to build a solid defense against online child predators and hackers. We guard your young ones against attempts to exploit their bright, young minds with content that’s inappropriate for their age and detrimental to their overall development.

24/7 Protection

Child trafficking criminals could be lurking online anytime. We provide vigilant surveillance over your website’s security day in and day out.

AI-Powered Flagging System

Automatically report or flag content that violate your website’s guidelines for maintaining a child-friendly and educational online setting.

Block Suspicious Users

We immediately suspend or ban users leaving unsavory comments that put the security of kids at risk.

Careful Scrutiny of all Visual Content

Several perverts online try to be sneaky by concealing negatively suggestive content within an otherwise harmless-looking photo. Our professional moderators are well-versed at identifying both evident and camouflaged adult content in children sites.

On-Call Assistance

With moderation service you can count on even while on-the-go, we encourage our clients to reach out to us for any suspicious activity they detect on their websites. We work closely with authorities to catch child predators lurking online.

What Can You Gain From Our Lineup of Children Website Monitoring Services

What does moderation mean on children sites?

With a dependable and experienced content moderator for your educational pages and sites, you help make learning safer and more fun for parents and kids.

Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for children sites can bring:

We help ensure both kids and their parents have the finest time when visiting your site. We shift their focus on expanding their knowledge and exploring the learning materials on your website.

As we continue to moderate content, traffic, and user activity on your site, we reinforce a protective barrier against online predators and child traffickers.

We understand the challenges of convincing parents that your website is authentic and informative. One of our main goals is to boost your site’s approval rating and provide complete assurance to all parents visiting your site,

The consistently increasing satisfaction rate on your website consequently increases your site’s image as a genuine resource for children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.

24/7 Real-Time Content Management & Kid Safety Solutions

Each of our skilled moderators at Chekkee are well-trained to ensure you deliver superb user experience, and well-rounded security at all times.

We are a partner you can depend on – from preserving the quality of your learning materials, to instantly eliminating harmful and illegal content to continuously enhancing your website’s reputation online.

Our Methods for Moderating Your Educational Children Website

Our children site moderation services uphold consistent and dependable protection for young learners. We want your website to be a place where kids can enjoy and parents feel assured.

Here’s how our team of efficient moderators makes learning safe and enjoyable on your site:

We Call it the 3E’s!




One of our child website moderators will reach out to you to learn more about the objectives and needs you want addressed for your services and site content. We provide our rates and elaborate how we can help improve user experience and boost the security of your audience.


We introduce you to our resident moderation experts and arrange a tailor-made system based on the issue that you want resolved on your services. Our team of skilled moderators keep a close watch on user activities and user-submitted content.


We are adaptable to additional changes and demands coupled with improving your website’s reputation, regulating learning materials and educational content on your pages, and enabling you to put a stop to online child trafficking and actively report child predators to the proper authorities.

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