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Children Website Moderation Services

Create a safe online space for your child with proven and dependable content moderation for kids.

Uphold a Child-Friendly Website

Make learning secure and fun! Our moderation services get rid of inappropriate user content, suspicious online behavior, and hacking attempts on your website, while you help the younger audience gain valuable information for academic purposes.

Our Children Sites Moderation Solutions

Chekkee’s tailor-made services are grounded on the principle that we can cater to virtually any type of client demand by combining smart and practical solutions.

Chat Monitoring

If your website includes an instant messaging or online chat feature, our chat monitoring feature allows you to detect whenever online predators attempt to exploit children on your site.

24/7 On-Call Assistance

With combined human-powered and automated moderators in place, we vigilantly survey your website non-stop for any suspicious users and possible child trafficking syndicates lurking online.

Advanced Flagging

The automated flagging feature of our content moderation for children websites ensures all online activity violating your guidelines and threatening kids’ safety are reported quickly and in real-time.

Diversified Content Moderation

We have profanity filters that detect and remove expletives and image and video moderation to analyze visual content uploaded or shared on your pages. Nothing escapes our meticulous monitoring.

Auto-Ban Suspicious Users

In conjunction with our advanced flagging system, we instantly ban users defying the regulations and policies on your website. Any attempts to re-register under a new account are also blocked.

Child Safety Hotline

Our children site moderation at Chekkee will not be complete without working hand-in-hand with appropriate authorities who will help handle emergencies and high level threats to kids’ online safety.

With Trust and Integrity are the Key Components of our Content Moderation Services

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