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Efficient community moderation services for your forum and online community’s safety and credibility.

Our Range of Community Moderation Services

Every remote community moderator at Chekkee is geared with the latest moderation tools available to protect various online community platforms against abusive, offensive and indecent user posts. We see to it that your online space is guaranteed safe for every member in your community.

Our community and forum moderation services can help you attain your business’s demands.

We cover the following areas:

Automated Flagging System

Maintain a well-monitored community, gain more followers, and secure your brand’s reputation. Our automated flagging system monitors user behavior and restricts potential threats within your online communities.

Cost-Effective Moderation Service

We provide top-notch moderation service at reasonable prices. We see to it that our rates adapt to your budget and we can easily shuffle our assistance to suit your online community needs.

Custom Policies

Our flexible moderation services are customizable to address your online community forum moderation requirements. It enables you to set your own moderation rules and guidelines depending on your filter standards.

Real-Time Moderation

Our team of moderators provide real-time moderation services in order for you to keep up with the dynamic changes on user demands online. By carefully analyzing each content generated by your members, we ensure that your platform doesn’t fall into the influence of online trolls as well as keep your brand’s model in place.

Ultimate Guard Against Trolls

Moderating community forums is one of our expertise, so expect maximum protection against internet trolls, spambots, and scammers. We provide round-the-clock moderation services for all types of forums and online communities. 

Stringent Moderation Service With a Heart

What Can You Gain From Our Unique Lineup of Community Moderation Solutions?

Chekkee is all about client satisfaction and efficiency. We model our services on the experiences and feedback of customers we have worked with in the past. Thus, we adjust our services based on the individual expectations and needs of our clients.

Check out what sets us apart from other community moderation companies in the market:

A Trustworthy Company

Protecting your brand’s credibility and reputation is our top priority. We see to it that every content posted on your online communities and forums are safe and appropriate for all your members.

Improved User Experience

Keep your members focused on every content by encouraging consistent engagement on every thread’s niche present on your platform.

Intensive Monitoring

We promote and maintain harmony among your followers through observing community moderation messages. We make sure that a respectful conversation is observed at all times. We also address concerns involving individuals violating your community guidelines.

Quality Performance

Our Chekkee moderator team provides real-time moderation support with high scalability features. We make sure that your brand easily adapts to the fast-paced changes on the web.

Stringent Moderation Service With a Heart

We police your online community platforms by filtering content, word for word to ensure 100% user satisfaction and avoid instances where user engagement drops.

Transparent Communication

Our moderation services ensure that your brand provides genuine interaction to the community by getting rid of unnecessary and inappropriate moderation messages

24/7 Full-Scope Online Community Moderation

At Chekkee, we see your moderation problems as motivation to leverage our expertise and consistently improve our existing services. We are committed to checking that all content abides by your moderation policies and guidelines. Our broad array of moderation service can cover any of the following:

Our Methods for Moderating Online Online Forums and Communities

There is a distinct difference coupled with our solutions for community moderation.

We employ a systematic approach and we see to it that your branding strategies and goals are highlighted every step of the way.

We Call it the 3E’s!




One of our community moderators will reach out to you to learn more about the objectives and needs you want addressed for your forums, pages, and websites. We provide our rates and offer suggestions on how we can help you align user content with your campaigns.


We introduce you to our resident forum and community moderation experts to foster a friendlier and healthier atmosphere. We can easily adjust our resources and see to it that our team is well-geared to safeguard your platforms against online harassment and hostile content.


Our moderation team ensures consistent and reliable service in keeping track of user interactions and responses in your forums and online communities. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports on user activity in each of your platforms. We are adaptable to additional changes and demands that you may need.

Experience the Positive Difference that only Chekkee can Bring

An Australian-owned agency with operations in the Philippines, Chekkee is a recognized content moderation company specializing in online forums and community moderation outsourcing.

Our core mission is to provide efficient and cost-effective human-powered moderation services that cater to different business content needs online. Our top-tiered moderators use the latest community moderating tools to help you provide the best user experience.

At Chekkee, our assistance is rooted in a high level of competency, and a seamless integration of our moderation processes into your business’s roadmap for success.


Boost Your Online Presence. Create a Safe Space for Your Online Community.

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