Community and Forum Moderation Services

Efficient community moderation services for your forum and online community’s safety and credibility.

Our Range Of Professional Community Moderation Services

Your forum and online communities represent your business to a broad scope of leads and existing followers.

We guarantee the full efficiency and maximization of these communities by carrying out the following:

24/7 Monitoring of Member Activities

We keep a close eye on forum member activities in and around your website and online communities. Adept forum moderators manage member interactions and work towards minimizing violations of the rules and guidelines established on the page or site.

Eliminating Offensive and Malicious Content

Whether in the form of explicit images, swear words, racial slurs, or banners promoting extreme violence and pornography, all offensive and malicious content are deleted immediately. Members’ accounts found violating the guidelines are deactivated or banned.

Implementation of Forum Guidelines

All the do’s and don’ts in your online community are reiterated and reinforced to both new and old forum members. It includes ensuring that compliance with posting rules is observed and wholesome interactions are maintained to enable full control over the dynamics and atmosphere within the forum.

Keeping threads organized and updated

Meaningful conversations effectively add value to your website and ultimately entice more people to register in your forums. Our services include deleting threads filled with spam and offensive content, along with keeping a close eye on the flow of communication in each topic or thread.

Promoting Content Relevance and Consistency

In line with upholding posting guidelines for all members, much focus is also given towards the relevance of each comment or content posted on forums and blog sites. Members and commenters are enticed to be as interactive as they can and stay on-topic in every discussion they join. To achieve this, we also apply expertise in moderating blog comments.

Upholding Member Privacy and Safety

Protecting your followers from users who comprise your brand’s online community is also at the core of our forum moderation service. Passwords and personal information of each user are kept private. Online community members can reach out to our moderators if other users are harassing them either through private message or in public posts. We also enforce blogger comment moderation for startups utilizing blogs and websites to spread information about their products.

What Can You Gain From Our Comment And Forum Moderation Services?

Every community forum content moderator at CHEKKEE is well-trained to deliver smart and accurate monitoring that supports your brand and your community.


Outsourcing your forum moderation services to us comes with reasonable rates that are affordable for all tiers of businesses. Our rates and services are flexible enough that even startups and small companies can benefit from our moderation assistance.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Your contentment matters to us. We adjust our services based on what your online community and your business requires. Our team understands that every website and forum is unique, and so you can expect constant communication and suggestions from us on how we can continue improving your website and forums.

Fast and Consistent

Interactions between forum or community members can go in an unpredictable direction. Quick and logical assessments and counter measures are implemented to help resolve member disputes and violations of your forum’s guidelines, while increasing engagement rates of your target audience.

24/7 Full-Scope Forum Moderation Company Solutions

Heres what you can expect when you hire moderators for forum moderation at CHEKKEE:

A Team Of Online Content Police Moderating Your Social Media Channels

ere’s how our team ensures your digital branding strategies along with your social media
community get the well-rounded and competent protection it needs:

We Call it the 3E’s!




One of our discussion forum moderators will reach out to you to learn more about the specific objectives and content moderation needs you want addressed for your forum or site. We also specify our rates and provide suggestions on how we can come up with a bespoke lineup of assistance that fits your business.


We introduce you to our team of forum and comment moderators to get started with protecting your online community. You can also specify if you have more than one blog or forum that you want us to check. At the same time, let us know if you require 24/7 moderation on all your websites.


Our moderation team ensures consistent and reliable service in regulating member interaction and reviewing user comments. We are adaptable to additional changes and demands that you may need based on the distinct culture and type of communication within your online community.

Experience The Positive Difference That Only Chekkee Can Bring

An adept Australian-owned image and video moderation company with operations in the Philippines, Chekkee is one of the emerging names in the content moderation industry.

We aim to foster a positive environment within our clients’ platforms to help them provide the most excellent user-experience for their customers as well as provide the best human-powered content moderation services for all types of online platforms be it social media platforms, online communities, forums, or live streaming videos.

With highly-skilled moderators in our arsenal, expect to gain a competitive advantage and kickstart your engine to propel your brand towards your core goals without worrying about online content that can defame and compromise the overall credibility of your brand.


Allow us to help you protect your business and reputation. Benefit from our content moderator services and gain more control of your business’ growth online!

Ready to upgrade your Content Moderation Services to the next level?!