Dating Site Moderation Services

Employ our dating site chat moderator to boost entertainment value and user experience.

Make Your Social Apps Safe to Use and Free From Suspicious Profiles and Online Scammers

Do you want to have genuine interactions and increase customer satisfaction on your dating website?
Our range of moderation services are tailored to suit the unique dynamics and demands of a service that helps people find romance online.

Authenticate New Profiles

We review the details and information provided by members in their “About Me” section. Our dating app moderator will verify these details and help distinguish genuine accounts from fake profiles.

Approve or Reject Member Photos

Member photos are checked for authenticity as well. Profiles using celebrity photos and stolen pictures from social media accounts of unsuspecting individuals are rejected.

Monitor Catfishing Attempts

Online dating sites and apps are the main targets of catfishing scams. In line with our exhaustive member profile authentication process, our moderation services also assist your members in gauging user intention and sincerity. We take immediate and discreet action on suspected catfishing profiles and boost protection for genuine members.

Scammer Prevention

Aside from catfishing, we are also adamant at preventing other forms of online scams from taking place in your dating app or site. We improve user experience by combining human-operated judgment and automated filter systems to expose scams at a quicker rate.

Uphold Chat Guidelines

Positive interactions among site members often lead to the creation of favorable relations and deeper connections. You can rely on us to ensure harassment or bullying of any kind are prohibited. Members who send unsolicited lewd photos are suspended while those who continuously violate the privacy and safety of other members are banned.

What Can You Gain From Our Lineup of Dating App Management Services?

What does moderated mean on dating sites?
With a dependable and experienced chat moderator for dating sites, you gain the capacity to meet user demands and exceed what your competitors have to offer.

Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for e-commerce websites can bring:

 – As we validate photos and profiles non-stop, we assist in enticing more real individuals to join your site. The higher the rate of authentic connections built on your site, the more your brand increases in value and credibility.
 – Have you ever aspired to be a household name in the world of dating websites and apps? At Chekkee, the expertly crafted process we follow when we moderate dating sites effectively drives more positive and long-lasting impressions on your brand.
 -Our thorough scanning and filtering of user profiles and interactions significantly reduce the number of scamming attempts in your website on a regular basis.
 – With genuine and satisfied members comprising your online dating community, you unlock the potential to generate honest and experience-based feedback on your services. In return, you can use member reviews and comments to create additional features that users will love.

24/7 Real-Time Member Profile and Content Solutions

When you hire dating site moderator services from Chekkee, expect to get high-quality service and results all the time.
Whether you are on the verge of launching your dating chat website or are looking to build and improve member experience and drive more engagement, we’ve got you covered!

A Team of Online Content Police Moderating Your Social Media Channels

Our dating site moderation services agency ensures you leverage your brand across all of the biggest platforms for online dating.

We Call it the 3E’s!




We send you a form or discuss your specific objectives and work with you hand in hand to recognize potential threats. During this step, we arrange and determine the right course of action in order to devise the best solution.


Video and image moderation is a continuous process. That is why we see to it that we are well-geared to provide the finest moderator team to keep a keen eye on all the videos and images submitted to your site. In addition to this, we can easily shuffle our resources and manpower to provide the best solutions to suit your online platform’s needs.


Once the system is set and ready to go, our moderators will begin daily moderation. Leave behind your burden, allow us to maintain your platform protected from video and image content depicting offensive, dangerous, and malicious visuals.

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