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Supplement your marketing strategy with smart marketplace content moderation from Chekkee!

Generate Higher Traffic & Conversions

Provide the highest customer satisfaction rate with our content moderation for ecommerce. Attract more customers, generate higher engagement and sales. Ensure you meet your online marketing strategy’s core goals with a well-moderated E-commerce page or website.

Hybrid E-commerce Content Moderation Solutions

Chekkee’s tailor-made services are grounded on the principle that we can cater to virtually any type of client demand by combining smart and practical solutions.

Regulate User-generated Content
Our content moderation for online marketplaces filter and delete profanities, inappropriate remarks, and suspicious links posted or shared by site visitors for enhanced user safety and experience on your website.
Accurate Product Descriptions

Prevent the spread of inaccurate information about your products. We see to it that all product listings, from the details to the prices and additional fees are complete, detailed, and updated. We check that product images are clear and of high resolution.

Real-time Reporting

We provide real-time reports of all moderated content and user activity. Our reports give deeper insight into the different UGC-related concerns that need urgent countermeasures to help maintain the safety of your customers and preserve the integrity of your business.

Authenticate Reviews

All reviews and feedback posted by customers on your website are checked to verify authenticity. We also check that the images and videos included in the reviews feature the actual product depicted in the listing.

With Trust and Integrity are the Key Components of our Content Moderation Services

Moderate with Chekkee

Why choose us as your partner image moderation company?

Get nonstop assistance in keeping internet trolls, inappropriate user behavior, and notorious propagators of disturbing image content on your website or page at bay. We source our moderators globally, thus making round-the-clock content monitoring possible.

The perfect image moderation service for startups and SMEs alike! Our pricing packages are carefully assembled to easily suit business  demands with budget limitations. Outsourcing content moderators is also found to be more practical and efficient.

We don’t believe that one solution fits all. Our image moderation services are customizable to meet your business requirements and adapt to the changing culture and behavior of your followers and target audience.

We are an image moderation outsourcing company that believes technology goes hand in hand with human intelligence and capabilities. The qualitative and experienced eyes of our resident moderators complement the speedy and advanced functions of automated content checking processes.

Implement your digital branding and marketing strategies without worrying about graphic and disturbing images ruining your campaigns. Get your advertisement’s message across to the right audiences with accuracy and clarity. Attract more people to your page!

Does your brand cater to young audiences or to a broad age range? Effective image moderation ensures that people who visit your website, use your platform or follow your page are not exposed to disconcerting imagery.

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We continuously augment our photo moderation services to consistently meet your expectations.

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