Gaming Site Moderation Services

Win the trust of online gamers with secure and quality gaming experience.

Make Your Gaming Site More Appealing and User-Friendly

Inspire camaraderie and teamwork among players with a secured space for them and their earned achievements online. Maintain discreet user interactions during and between games with the expert assistance of our gaming site moderators.
Our gaming site moderation service adapts dynamic and agile features to keep up with continuous game developments and updates on any gaming device.

24/7 Service

With the combination of sophisticated tools and proficient moderators, gaming sites are supervised round-the-clock to provide the best possible service and security for gamers.

Account Authentication

We apply meticulous verification to spot fake or dummy accounts and restore ownership to stolen accounts. Consequently, we mitigate possible damages that might cause loss of trust and interest of users to your gaming site.

Automated Flagging System

Swear words and inappropriate subjects are automatically flagged and removed to keep the gaming site safe and user-friendly.

Fraudster Profiling

With our first-rate moderation for gaming sites, user account and financial loss are prevented through close monitoring of user activities and ensuring that privacy and security guidelines set by the site are implemented.

Illegal Network Suspension

Hacking and spamming patterns are studied to maintain a strong reputation. Sound strategies are developed by our gaming site moderators to aid in fixing site issues immediately and earn the continuous support of players.

Targeted Audience

Policy and guidelines like age restrictions are implemented and strictly observed within the gaming site to avoid involvement with future lawsuits. Our gaming site moderators make sure that every gaming account is owned and used legally.

Gain More Than Online Security and Assurance With Our Excellent Gaming Site Moderation Service

Reach the maximum potential of your gaming site with our expert services. At Chekkee, customer service does not end in meeting customer demands but in surpassing customer satisfaction. We help each client outshine and stand among their competitors.

Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for e-commerce websites can bring:

 – Provide positive experience for the gamers, especially for the new users, by hosting an inviting and interactive gaming site with the assistance of our experienced moderators. Effectively moderate inappropriate subjects and ban users who project hostile behaviour.
 – Through complete and detailed security reports, site management along with catching up with illegal schemes is made more convenient. Experience comprehensive security through our cost-effective service in keeping your website branding impeccable and impenetrable to online threats.
 – With the high demands of users in gaming sites, Chekkee ensures quality service in gaming site moderation through fast and consistent actions. Our moderators keep an amiable user-interface for gaming through accuracy in removing offensive contents.
 – We help in reaching company milestones and boosting online presence through a positive online image. We regulate site security and fix site issues quickly. We aid you in gaining user trust and loyalty through our unparalleled service in moderating gaming sites and upholding privacy for user information and identity.
 – Attract genuine gamers with strongly implemented guidelines on the gaming site. We align our services with your website’s terms and conditions or user policies.
 – Chekkee does not only provide you with skilled moderators. We also equip you with AI tools that aid in enhancing website protection. By utilizing continuously evolving technological advancements, we ensure that your gaming site does not miss out on any modern tools for moderation.

24/7 Real-Time Member Profile and Content Solutions

At Chekkee, we are committed to providing superior moderation services to our clients. By working with us, you are also providing your company a strong head start against your competitors on improved customer satisfaction, safer transactions, and a user-friendly website.
Choosing us to partner with your eCommerce website will assure:

Our Methods for Moderating Your Online Shopping Sites

Our eCommerce moderation services agency ensures you leverage your brand across all of the biggest platforms for online business.

Here’s how our team of chat moderators makes excellent and safe user experience possible on your platform:

We Call it the 3E’s!




We send you a form or discuss your specific objectives and work with you hand in hand to recognize potential threats. During this step, we arrange and determine the right course of action in order to devise the best solution.


Video and image moderation is a continuous process. That is why we see to it that we are well-geared to provide the finest moderator team to keep a keen eye on all the videos and images submitted to your site. In addition to this, we can easily shuffle our resources and manpower to provide the best solutions to suit your online platform’s needs.


Once the system is set and ready to go, our moderators will begin daily moderation. Leave behind your burden, allow us to maintain your platform protected from video and image content depicting offensive, dangerous, and malicious visuals.

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