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Foster an immersive and secure gaming experience with our next-level gaming platform moderation services.

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Instill camaraderie and teamwork among players by heightening their online security. Get access to strong in-game content moderation tools to help you make the most of your next-gen gaming initiatives.

Our In-Game Content Moderation Solutions

Chekkee’s tailor-made services are grounded on the principle that we can cater to most client demands by combining smart and practical solutions.

Account Authentication

We use careful validation to detect dummy accounts and underage users and restore stolen accounts. Keep a close eye on suspicious user conduct that could jeopardize players’ gaming experiences.

Intelligent In-Game Profanity Filters

Our content moderation in-game setup includes automated flagging processes to remove swear words, inappropriate terms and prohibited subjects to maintain fun, healthy, and wholesome competition among players.

Illegal Network Suspension

Tracking hacking and spamming patterns is made simple by our automated moderation processes. Sound tactics are implemented to aid in the immediate resolution of in-game difficulties and earn the continued support of players.

Block Hackers Effectively

Flag and ban players who are attempting to hack the system. Automated moderation processes help to spot booster accounts, scripters, cheaters, and various types of aimbots and triggerbots.

With Trust and Integrity are the Key Components of our Content Moderation Services

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