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Consistently meet user expectations and deliver
excellent customer experience with Social Apps Moderation.

Make Your Social Apps Safe to Use and Free From Suspicious Profiles and Online Scammers

Protect your business at all costs.
We offer social apps moderation that will help clear your business and brand of any inappropriate statements and illegal activities which can damage your reputation. Chekkee’s systematized and high-quality services ensure the safety of your brand and your users.

Image Moderation

We check the appropriateness of images and ensure that it is in full compliance with the app’s terms and conditions. We also offer 24/7 detailed checking of images to boost your branding online.

Monitored User Messages

Instant reporting and blocking of scammers, and users who bully and harass other customers, as well as those sending provocative content and links to potentially harmful websites.

Profile Moderation

Our team verifies all registered profiles and instantly deletes dummy accounts and suspicious profiles.

Video Moderation

All video content, either in the form of promotional videos, quality assurance, or user entertainment are analyzed to prevent the spread of misleading information about your services.

Reactive Moderation

We employ the assistance of your users in actively reporting and flagging individuals violating your app’s terms of use.

Comment Moderation

Comments are also highlighted and monitored since businesses rely on user feedback and suggestions.

Online Event Moderation

We ensure consistent comfortability of your audience or users during forums, meetings and virtual events hosted on your platform.


What Can You Gain From Our Lineup of Social Apps Moderation Services?

By choosing to do business with Chekkee, you can manage and moderate your business for better results.
Some businesses use social media apps to reach a wide array of audiences and utilize a more inviting and convincing method for brand promotion.
Thus, several social app developers and businesses offering social networking services need moderation services to meet customer expectations and gain leverage over their competitors.

We cover the following areas in enhancing your social platforms:

At Chekkee, we aim to make your brand well-known by creating an authentic image about your services. Our moderation services allow you to build connections with potential customers, associate with quality partners and acquire useful resources.

Increasing quality and productivity is what we aim each day so it is important to keep both employees and clients safe. It also increases employee morale. Make your apps free from offensive and unnecessary user comments.

We understand your concerns and thus you can expect a 100% assistance from our highly-skilled moderators. We can handle various social apps in the form of forums, chatrooms, and other platforms. We also have multilingual support staff who can assist you full-time.

Feedbacks and comments from your users are curtly addressed. Chekkee assists you in gaining genuine and honest customers who will not only give positive feedback but will also leave constructive reviews to help boost your business.

24/7 All-Out Moderation Services to Make Your Social Apps Applicable for All Users

We commit our services to sufficing your branding needs and providing you high-quality service. Our moderation team is not the only one  who will just benefit from this partnership. Ensuring that your platforms are in good hands is our top priority!
We are responsible for moderating user content on your apps and helping you devise ways on how to improve your services.
Our world-class moderation solutions encompass the following:

Our Methods for Moderating Your Social Apps and Platforms

At Chekkee, we will take care of your business concerns. This to ensure that contents and activities on your social apps will not be flagged nor will it violate any existing laws.

Here’s how our team of efficient moderators makes learning safe and enjoyable on your site:

We Call it the 3E’s!



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