Social Apps Moderation Services

Consistently meet user expectations and deliver excellent customer experience with Social Apps Moderation.

Make Your Social Apps Safe to Use and Free From Suspicious Profiles and Online Scammers

Do you want your customers to experience the highest satisfaction without compromising your marketing strategy?
Our range of moderation services is specially aligned to help e-commerce companies achieve their goals while successfully giving their customers a safe and satisfied shopping experience.

Image Moderation

We have moderators on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist customers and address their queries. We deliver guaranteed security while keeping your website free from false and misleading information.

Monitored User Messages

We are aware that each and every website has their own guidelines and terms of use. Our moderators are specially trained to guard visitors and make sure that the client’s guidelines are followed religiously.

Profile Moderation

Our moderation process includes a mixture of human judgment and AI systems to ensure that there are no room for mistakes and unauthorized user activity. It is our own way of doing our mission of providing the best service for our clients.

Video Moderation

We are also dedicated to enforcing external moderation for competitors or users posting false information and misleading comments about your business. We make sure that these types of deceitful posts are duly moderated and reported.

Reactive Moderation

In line with our combined human-operated and AI-powered moderation, we also review and go through all of the profiles trying to access your website, keeping it free from spam and malicious accounts.

Comment Moderation

As we enforce our real-time monitoring and moderation assistance, we make sure to provide our clients with real-time reports of suspicious profiles circling their site. Thus, any urgent action needed to resolve issues involving user safety and maintaining the website’s integrity is accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Online Event Moderation

We ensure consistent comfortability of your audience or users during forums, meetings and virtual events hosted on your platform.

What Can You Gain From Our Lineup of Social Apps Moderation Services?

By choosing to do business with Chekkee, you can manage and moderate your business for better results.
Some businesses use social media apps to reach a wide array of audiences and utilize a more inviting and convincing method for brand promotion.
Thus, several social app developers and businesses offering social networking services need moderation services to meet customer expectations and gain leverage over their competitors.

Check out the definitive difference that our moderation service for e-commerce websites can bring:

 – The online world can be quite a risky place for businesses due to the number of spammers and covert crimes done online. But with our services, we offer consistent and reliable protection to ensure safe and protected websites for you and your loyal customers.
 – Our combined human and AI-powered moderation process conducts thorough filtering of malicious profiles, spam, and inappropriate contents to ensure a safe user experience and a well-preserved brand integrity.
 – We understand your concerns and thus you can expect a 100% assistance from our highly-skilled moderators. We can handle various social apps in the form of forums, chatrooms, and other platforms. We also have multilingual support staff who can assist you full-time
 – Feedbacks and comments from your users are curtly addressed. Chekkee assists you in gaining genuine and honest customers who will not only give positive feedback but will also leave constructive reviews to help boost your business.

24/7 All-Out Moderation Services to Make Your Social Apps Applicable for All Users

At Chekkee, we are committed to providing superior moderation services to our clients. By working with us, you are also providing your company a strong head start against your competitors on improved customer satisfaction, safer transactions, and a user-friendly website.
Choosing us to partner with your eCommerce website will assure:

Our Methods for Moderating Your Social Apps and Platforms

At Chekkee, we will take care of your business concerns. This is to ensure that contents and activities on your social apps will not be flagged nor will they violate any existing laws.

Here’s how our team of efficient moderators makes learning safe and enjoyable on your site:

We Call it the 3E’s!




We send you a form or discuss your specific objectives and work with you hand in hand to recognize potential threats. During this step, we arrange and determine the right course of action in order to devise the best solution.


Video and image moderation is a continuous process. That is why we see to it that we are well-geared to provide the finest moderator team to keep a keen eye on all the videos and images submitted to your site. In addition to this, we can easily shuffle our resources and manpower to provide the best solutions to suit your online platform’s needs.


Once the system is set and ready to go, our moderators will begin daily moderation. Leave behind your burden, allow us to maintain your platform protected from video and image content depicting offensive, dangerous, and malicious visuals.

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