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Providing real-time human and AI-powered content moderation solutions for all kinds of online platforms
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About Chekkee Content Moderation

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Chekkee is a content moderation company based in Australia.
Our pay-per-service content moderation outsourcing
model and customizable solutions allow us to cater to the specific requirements of each client while maintaining our high standard of excellence.

We aim for quality and take tremendous leaps of innovation by combining the expertise of human and AI content moderation. Our main goal is to boost the safety of online platforms and communities against inappropriate and harmful online content.

Our Human Moderators

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Our Content Moderation

Safeguard your users against online threats and maintain brand integrity with our array of content moderation services.

Image Moderation

Improve and centralize your online image management with our human and AI solutions.
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Video Moderation

Guarantee top-quality videos, remove inappropriate content, and protect your brand reputation with our AI and human moderation.
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Text and Chat Moderation

Regulate user chats and text content with a capable text moderator to secure user privacy.
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Profile Moderation

Our profile moderation services can enable you to root-out suspicious members, violations in account creation rules and potential user abuse.
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Social Media Moderation

Our social media content moderation enhances engagement by clearing out inappropriate content for better brand credibility and overall credibility.
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User Generated Content Moderation

Our UGC moderation services monitor user content submissions of varying formats.
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