Taking Human-Powered Content Moderation Services to the Next Level​

Providing real-time human content moderation services for all kinds of online platforms

Who We Are

Just as your platform content targets humans, it is just practical to leave the job to a human.

We are a dedicated Australian-owned content moderation agency with staff in a number of countries around the world including the Philippines. Our team of expert moderators execute various moderation techniques based on our broad range of tailor-made moderation services.

By providing round-the-clock human-powered content moderation services, our company’s mission is not just limited to keeping your online platforms safe from offensive, explicit, or dangerous content. It is also focused on helping you cut costs on manpower while upholding your brand’s integrity and reputation.

Our Services

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Why Choose Chekkee

Our content moderation services are not only affordable, reliable and of the highest quality; they are also rooted in our core values of building trust, promoting a positive user experience and helping you to grow your business through quality content and an engaged community.


An advantage of outsourcing content moderation to Chekkee is that our flexible tailor-made services can easily adapt to your business needs to ensure 100% efficiency and effectiveness. This will ultimately avoid compromising your reputation or the safety of your followers and users


Our team of experts collaborate directly with you to understand any challenges and develop the best plan to make outsourcing content moderation as cost-effective as possible. Depending on your needs, Chekkee can easily customize and modify how we implement our services to ensure better security for your online platform and promote a positive user experience for all your followers.

Assurance and Quality Method

To deliver the best quality content moderation service possible, our expert team of moderators make sure that the right combination of automated system analysis and human oversight is incorporated into our moderation process.

Prevention and Maintenance

Monthly reports and updates on all activity undertaken by Chekkee moderators are supplied to you which helps ensure that we are acting effectively and efficiently on your behalf. These updates also give you the opportunity to plan future business operations based on the information you receive about your customers.

Our Solutions

The perfect tailor-made solution that provides quality moderation services for all kinds of online platforms.

Aiming to be the best content moderation agency not only in Australia but throughout the whole world, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service possible by analyzing your business needs and devising feasible solutions that will help attain your core objectives.

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Tailor-made services

Our Clients

With trust and integrity as a key component of our content moderation services, here are some of the companies we love working with:

How Does It Work?

As a content moderation outsourcing company, we are confident that we can seamlessly integrate our processes and platformswith your system. In order to achieve this, a thorough control process is a must
Here’s how our team of content moderators work on the process to ensure your business and brand lives up to its stellar reputation
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