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Taking Human-Powered Content Moderation Services to the Next Level​

Providing real-time human and AI-powered content moderation solutions for all kinds of online platforms.

Maximize human and automated content moderation practices.

Chekkee is a disruptor company in the content moderation industry with headquarters based in Australia. Our pay-per-service content moderation model and customizable solutions, allow us to cater to the specific requirements of each client while maintaining our high standard of excellence. 

We combine the expertise of human and AI-powered content moderation with the goal of boosting the safety of online platforms and communities against inappropriate and harmful online content.

We transcend stereotypes and take tremendous leaps of innovation to better equip our growing clients to combat online threats caused by hostile individuals at the lowest feasible cost.

Trust and Integrity are the Key Components of our Content Moderation Services

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Profile Moderation Services
Keep Fake Profiles, Identity Thieves, and Underaged Users at Bay.

Get rid of fake profiles and individuals stealing personal information from other users or those using celebrity images on their profiles. Verify user profile information to identify and block minors from joining your platform.

Text and Chat Moderation Services
Regulate User Chats and Text Content to Safeguard User Privacy.

Uphold the privacy and security of your users and followers. Ban users sending explicit and harassing private messages. Regulate all text-based user content regularly.

Why choose us

Primarily, our content moderation services are affordable, dependable, and of the best quality. Beyond that, our services are also centered on our core values of trust, fostering a pleasant user experience, and assisting you in growing your business through credible content and a thriving and supportive community.

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Our Solutions

The perfect custom-made solution for providing excellent moderation services for all types of online platforms.
24/7 Assistance
Human-Powered Community Management
Tailor-made Moderation System
AI and Machine Learning
Scheduled, analyzed, and interpreted reports
Quality Assurance

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As a content moderation outsourcing company, we are confident that we can seamlessly integrate our processes and platformswith your system. In order to achieve this, a thorough control process is a must.

Here’s how our team of content moderators work on the process to ensure your business and brand lives up to its stellar reputation