Image Moderation Service

Be at ease with our image content moderation service. We are constantly in the background ready to approve, tag or discard any images based on the standards you provide.
Image Moderation Service
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We listen. We assess. We moderate. Your specific needs will always be addressed by our image moderation services.

What are Image Moderation Services

A sophisticated and reliable image-checking process for websites, apps, and pages using our human and AI capabilities. We screen content, analyze context, gauge appropriateness, and maintain your content standards based on your brand guidelines.

Moderation Features & Coverage

Moderation Categories
Image File Types
24/7 coverage available
API Integration
As many as 6 batches of images moderated at a time
Over 1,000 content assets can be moderated by one agent in one shift.
Proprietary platform available for optimum management of the moderation process
Reporting Feature
Available in multiple languages
Clear and properly assessed content through human moderators
Detect and delete graphic and disturbing videos on your websites, apps, or pages.
Protect and improve brand reputation.
Ensure compliance with existing regulatory requirements & future UGC guideline changes.
Boost audience experience and engagement
Enforce adherence to your community, website, or page’s content rules and guidelines
Enhanced security and censorship against online scams and explicit content
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources
Various categories for moderation such as but not limited to:
Hate and Racism
Violence and Crime
Fake and Inappropriate Profiles
Supports multiple Image Formats
GIFs ( in a single frame or multiple frame images are supported)

Customer Pain Points

User Bypass of Rules
Content rules that users creatively bypass through simple yet ingenious ways; like adding text profanity in pictures, and context-based symbolism - all done to circumvent rules in image moderation online.
Evolving Changes in Standards
The continuous changes in allowed and disallowed content, forcing internal reprioritization while making it difficult to focus on core concerns within the business
Increasing Internal Costs
Maintaining a specialized workforce and/or technologies for moderation internally is increasingly more costly than image moderation outsourcing to expert service providers
Higher Support Requirements
Influx of user-generated content across the whole market gives rise to reports and complaints. This doubles the customer care costs that could easily be solved by preventive, timely, and flexible image moderation solutions
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How We Moderate

We moderate images through our proprietary platform called Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP) Moderation.
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Human Moderation

Our human moderators are highly adept at various content-reviewing processes. With LOOP, Moderation is as easy as


Human + AI Moderation

Our ever-learning AI software learns from all data collected from years of manual moderation. It scans the content and provides the most relevant tag or applicable decision.
Then, our in-house image moderators review all content checked for accuracy by the AI image moderation.


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Ready to learn more about our next-level image moderation?

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