Social Media Moderation Service

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Social Media Moderation Service
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With social media content moderation, you can maximize the results of your social media efforts by preventing trolls, scammers, and toxic content from affecting your pages or communities.

What is Social Media Moderation Services

A service that ensures online communities remain a safe space for interactions. By using a social media moderator, all potentially inappropriate content can be monitored and removed. This results in a credible brand image and increased trust.

Moderation Features

Moderation Categories
24/7 coverage available
Expertise handling all types of User Generated Content
Uphold the safety and privacy of your followers, end-users, and/or online community
Protect and improve brand reputation.
Boost user experience and engagement
Ensure compliance with your community, website, or page’s existing internal content guidelines, including any future changes that may be applied to your policies.
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources.
Various categories for moderation such as but not limited to:
Community Guideline Violators
Duplicate and fake pages
Inappropriate User Posts / Comments
Online Harassment / Online Scams
Persistent Trolls

Customer Pain Points

Disruptive and Intentional Misuse
Social media is now a primary form of interaction resulting in opposing views clashing. Often these clashes are done on purpose by users who find amusement in misusing online platforms to create conflict.
Validity of Moderation Complaints
As users are almost always reliably subjective, an increase in complaints may stem from personal interpretation. This increases the number of reported content that should be reviewed by a by virtue of validity
Cross-platform Rules
A major pain point in the digital era is the abundance of platforms for content. This creates a disconnect in standards, rules, and cross-platform sharing leading to often unintended violations when moving from one network to the next
Brand Reputation
Although most social networks are open for use for most users, there is usually a preference for specific groups. The content created by the dominant majority affects the brand reputation
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How We Moderate

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We moderate social media content using a combination of image, video, and text moderation through our human moderators accessing your communities or via our proprietary platform called Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP) Moderation.


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Ready to learn more about our next-level social media moderation?

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