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Video Moderation Services

Provide effective protection against unwanted, inappropriate, and explicit video content with efficient video moderation outsourcing solutions.

Tailored to Your Demands

Top-notch video content moderation services to handle and protect your online platforms and reduce your audiences’ exposure to offensive and inappropriate videos.
Versatile Video Moderating Tool

Advanced tools to identify unwanted videos on online platforms. Supports MP4, WMV, AVI, & MOV.

Heightened Security

Videos readable by HTTP/HTTPS are prioritized. Videos sent from suspicious sources are barred.

Automated Flagging Options

API Integration features enable you to keep track of user activity and prevent the spread of disturbing video content.

Custom-Built Policies

Set your own moderating guidelines and policies to suit the standards of your platform aptly.

With Trust and Integrity are the Key Components of our Content Moderation Services

Our Business Process



We send a response within 24 hours upon receiving your inquiry to discuss your requirements.



Your video moderation solution is up and running.



We finalize your free quotation and build a moderation strategy tailored to your business.



We continuously augment our video moderation solutions to consistently meet your expectations.

Visualize Your Brand Reputation

Reduce your users’ exposure to subpar & harmful video content with Chekkee’s video moderation services.

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