Video Moderation Service

Provide effective protection against unwanted, inappropriate, and explicit video content with an efficient video moderation service from Chekkee
Video Moderation Service
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Top-notch video content moderation services to handle and protect your online platforms and reduce your audiences’ exposure to offensive and inappropriate videos.

What is Video Moderation

A service that scans videos for the purpose of checking quality, content and appropriateness. Our exceptional human plus AI video content moderation offers the full package of reviewing videos, labeling them according to content, or simply approving and rejecting based on provided rules.

Moderation Features

Moderation Categories
Video File Types
24/7 coverage available
API Integration
Employs human and AI moderation expertise
Video accessible and readable by either HTTP or HTTPS is also accepted.
Reporting Feature
Detect and delete graphic and disturbing videos on your websites, apps, or pages.
Protect and improve brand reputation.
Ensure compliance with existing regulatory requirements & future UGC guideline changes.
Boost audience experience and engagement
Enforce adherence to your community, website, or page’s internal content guidelines
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources.
Various categories for moderation such as but not limited to:
Hate and Racism
Violence and Crime
Supports multiple Image Formats

Customer Pain Points

Bypass of General Rules
Videos are very difficult to moderate as it covers the big 3: Audio, Image and Text. An otherwise innocent-looking video can have harmful audio or unwanted text mixed in to bypass specific rules in other forms of content
Creative Violations
Apart from stolen content, videos that are otherwise innocent-looking can be injected with snippets of split-second video that can cause harm or are placed there to outright violate established guidelines
Volume and Length
The “reels” type of content has thrust video further into the spotlight as the preferred medium of user-generated content. The amount of videos uploaded and the length of the content itself leaves a lot of areas that auto moderation might miss
Global Standards
Auto moderation is helpful but manual moderation is still deemed necessary as global standards for content make it increasingly important to monitor potentially harmful and costly violations
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How We Moderate

We moderate videos through our proprietary platform called Live Operator Online Platform for Moderation (LOOP Mod).
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Human Moderation

Our human video moderators are highly adept at various content reviewing processes. With our Live Operator Online Platform
(LOOP), Moderation is as easy as


Human + AI Video Moderation

Our ever-learning AI software learns from all data collected from years of manual moderation. It scans the content and provides the most relevant tag or applicable decision. Then, our in-house moderators review all content checked by the AI for accuracy.


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Ready to learn more about our next-level video moderation?

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