Text and Chat Moderation Services

Chekkee’s text and chat moderation services can help enhance user experience across all your platforms and webpages. Facilitate healthy interactions in public chats and forums or have text content reviewed for potential violations that might harm your brand.
Text and Chat Moderation Services
Ready to learn more about our next-level text and chat moderation?
With combined human and AI expertise, we can help your business through dependable and accurate text moderation services.

What is Text and Chat Moderation Services?

A critical service that reviews, analyzes and processes written content to ensure it is appropriate. Unlike other text and chat moderation companies, Chekkee provides flexible solutions based on your own guidelines and with the added benefit of Hybrid AI-Human moderation.

Moderation Features

24/7 coverage available
API Integration
AI-Assisted Moderation
Maximum length of 200 words per asset or content
Supports text in UTF-8 compatible format
Multilingual Feature: Supports Non- English languages, emoticons, and hashtags
Full content censorships: Human moderators and profanity filters combined to regulate inappropriate content
Considers embedded links within the content as text
Reporting Feature
Uphold the safety and privacy of your followers, end-users, and/or online community
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources.
Protect and improve brand reputation.
Ensure compliance with existing regulatory requirements & future UGC guideline changes.
Boost audience experience and engagement
Enforce adherence to your community, website, or page’s internal content guidelines
Enhanced security and censorship against online scams and explicit content
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources.

Customer Pain Points

Rule Circumvention
Users are ever evolving in their ways of bypassing rules. Acts as simple as letter-symbol replacement, adding spaces between letters in text, spelling out phone numbers and more, are common pain points for brands/businesses
Content Diversity
Growth can be gauged by the diversity in users. This diversity causes quite a lot of problems in interactions due to misinterpretation, words meaning different things in other languages, and even the manner by which text is written in posts
Text is quite complicated to moderate and increasing the in-house text moderator population is quite costly compared to specialized moderation providers
Lack of Control
Limiting a user’s capability to post content negatively affects the user-experience. Yet giving them free-reign causes its own problems. This lack of control on both ends of the spectrum can be solved by implementing moderation as the middle ground
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How We Moderate

We moderate text and chat through our proprietary platform called Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP) Moderation or any client-provided system.
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Human Moderation

Each online chat moderator of Chekkee is highly adept at various content reviewing processes. With our Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP), Moderation is as easy as


Human + AI Text and Chat Moderation

Our ever-learning AI software learns from all data collected from years of manual moderation. It scans the content and provides the most relevant tag or applicable decision. Then, our in-house text moderator reviews all content checked by the AI for accuracy.


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Ready to learn more about our next-level text and chat moderation?

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