User Generated Content
Moderation Services

We offer UGC moderation assistance that addresses various types of
community-created content and exhibits a deep understanding of online user behavior.

Our Range Of User-Generated Content Moderation Services

User-generated content is a powerful marketing tool that could make or break your reputation and success. Word-of-mouth remains a relevant branding tool at present. More and more consumers have access to an enormous database of information on the web which makes it all the more important for your business to regulate what people say about your services and your brand online.

Our lineup of UGC moderation services are carefully designed to help your business gain momentum and recognition through the influence of your customers.

We Cover The Following Areas:


Our moderation experts are well-versed with handling and managing social media platforms, forums, and chat rooms. We can adapt to different online community cultures and we help you understand the specific marketing language that resonates well to your target audience.


Content posted by your users and followers comes in different forms. Whether they share infographics, images, memes, videos, blogs, comments, or feature your services on their Facebook status, Instagram stories, or subreddits, we know just the right approach needed to check and verify these accounts.


Our moderation experts are on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure that your platform and online community are kept safe in real time. We pride ourselves on our immediate responses and ability to manage your site’s data at all times.


Statistics and relevant data about user activities and posts on your website, social media pages, and on other online communities are compiled and analyzed. The goal of this service is to give you a clearer vision of how you can bring your business closer to your customers and address unpleasant reviews with a higher level of professionalism and tact.

What Can You Gain From Our Unique Lineup of UGC Content Moderation Services?

CHEKKEE is all about client satisfaction and efficiency. Instead of taking after what our competitors do, we model our services on the experiences and feedback of customers we have worked with in the past. This way, we are adjusting our services based on what our clients need in enhancing their brand and maintaining a clean and favorable reputation.

Check out the benefits that set us apart from other brands of UGC moderation company in the market:

 – Our services are highly adaptable to different business demands. We offer flexible and reasonable rates for a large-scale marketing campaign, a full-blown request to manage multiple social media accounts, or a simple online branding project for a startup company.
  – Once you set a clear set of objectives for hiring our services, our UGC moderation groups devises moderation strategies concentrated on making your goals for your business achievable. We operate with precision and a keen eye on your desired deliverables.
 – Presenting your business to the digital community is both risky and beneficial for your success. You need consistent protection and assurance that your competitors and naysayers will not take advantage of your online presence and turn your loyal followers against you.
 – Aside from online content moderators with commendable expertise and experience, CHEKKEE is also backed by customer support representatives who are skilled in providing multilingual support. They help fortify our operations for moderating UGC by addressing urgent requests and changes in the services that you are availing.

 – We are unlike any other UGC moderation team. We act as an extension of your business, and therefore are very conscious of the responsibility we have to ensure your followers only have positive interactions with your brand. We do not limit our services to monitoring and reviewing user posts. Genuine and consistent engagement with your user base is one of the best ways to use user-generated content to your full advantage.

– We have expertly combined the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence with our resident professional moderators. Our machine learning technology speeds up the moderation process for your business while our team employs smart and careful scrutiny of user-submitted content.

24/7 Full Scope Moderation Solutions For User-Submitted Content

We commit to providing you with world-class quality assistance. When you partner with Chekkee, you are equipping your company with expertise on moderating the following types of content:

A Team Of Online Content Police Moderating Your Social Media Channels

Here’s how our team ensures your digital branding strategies along with your social media
community get the well-rounded and competent protection it needs:

We Call it the 3E’s!




One of our UGC moderators will reach out to you to learn more about the specific objectives and content moderation needs you want addressed for your website. We provide our rates and we also offer suggestions on how we can help you align the contents submitted or posted by your users with your objectives.


We officially introduce you to our resident moderation experts. It is also during this step that we organize how we operate and deliver our services. Whether you need to include multilingual support, require a boost in your campaign for customer engagement, or ask to have moderators available round-the-clock to check a broad range of content material, we ensure your business gets the right head start in this project.


Our moderation team provides a consistent and reliable service by regulating user interaction and reviewing all user-submitted content. We are adaptable to additional changes and demands that may be required based on the distinct culture and interaction within your online community.

Experience The Positive Difference That Only Chekkee Can Bring

Through our array of flexible services for regulating your users’ content, we enable you to discover smarter ways on how you can generate a more active community of followers online. Our moderation services also provide an essential reference for how you can benefit from your customers’ network of connections and engagements on their social media accounts as well as on other websites and communication apps.

Without an expertly trained third-party to help keep things in order between your platform and your audience it becomes difficult to manage your reputation, influence your followers and have the impact that you want on your customers and the industry where your business belongs. Chekkee safeguards against any attempt to destroy your image while working towards attaining a strong and harmonious relationship with your followers.

More importantly, we offer seamless integration of our moderation processes into your business’ roadmap to success.


Allow us to help you protect your business and reputation. Benefit from our content moderator services and gain more control of your business’ growth online!

Ready to upgrade your Content Moderation Services to the next level?!