Profile Moderation Services

Our profile moderation solutions safeguard clients and their users through a meticulous review of member created profile pages - checking on any content violations, signs of potential fraud, possible identity theft or duplicated and inactive profiles.
Profile Moderation Services
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Our profile moderation outsourcing services assist businesses in keeping their online platforms as user-friendly and member oriented as possible.

What is Profile Moderation Services

A multi-process verification of user created accounts covering all contents used. Age vs. Profile image review, alignment of personal text descriptions vs. overall details indicated, direct searching for violations of restrictions in the creation of member accounts.

Moderation Features

24/7 coverage available
Full-Scale Content Monitoring
All-around brand and user moderation
Uphold the safety and privacy of your followers, end-users, and/or online community
Improve audience engagement
Ensure compliance with existing regulatory requirements & future UGC guideline changes.
Boost audience experience and engagement
Enforce adherence to your community, website, or page’s internal content guidelines
Reduce potential risks and losses caused by inappropriate content shared on your platform and on publicly accessible resources.

Customer Pain Points

Profile Misuse
Some profiles are created to drive traffic away from the site/service, sell third-party products or otherwise mislead other users within an otherwise reputable website
Low Engagement
Profiles created, forgotten and eventually duplicated can ruin the brand. It gives the impression of a large population of users but results in lower interactions due to inactive profiles
Lack of profile monitoring and validation increases instances of catfishing and fraud. Even allowing minors to slip through into a age-restricted community
Explicit Materials
Profiles can be used to disseminate explicit content or even illegal interactions.
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How We Moderate

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We moderate profiles from the ground-up. We review usernames, ages, locations and descriptions; these are compared against uploaded images, videos or other available details.


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Ready to learn more about our next-level profile moderation?

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