How to Protect Your Brand on Social Media

A step-by-step guide on leveraging Instagram for business purposes
UPDATED July 30, 2020
Written By Merlene Leano

Social media have opened various opportunities for many brands to gain visibility and stability online. It served as a perfect marketing channel for companies to help them not only to heighten their customer relationship but also to improve the overall reputation of their brand.

Why Do You Need Control Over Your Brand Name?

Social media has been an integral part of everyone's lives since the first time it was introduced to us. It has played an essential role not only for individuals who want to reach out to their loved ones, relatives, and friends, but also to companies and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their chosen niche.

With the emergence of different social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, anticipating customer engagement and productivity has become easier. But it is still crucial to have complete control over your brand on social media to prevent various aspects — including your competitors, from jeopardizing and compromising your brand's online reputation.

Building your business' social media pages means that you are showing who you are and what you can offer to your audience. It enables you to showcase the persona and the voice of your brand and confirm that you are a reputable company. Your top priority should be to have complete control over your brand's name on social media, as this will be the determining factor for your target audience in assessing whether you are worth supporting or not.

However, as prolific as it looks, maximizing the internet and social media can also be quite challenging, especially when it comes to consistently protecting your brand reputation in the long run. Remember, one wrong post can cause a cascade of embarrassments as well as a possible massive loss in your business revenue.

Indeed, maximizing the benefits of social media marketing can be a great way to not only have a competitive advantage, but also to continuously establish your brand as well as reinforce your online presence to gain more customers. Inevitable pitfalls may emerge the least we expect them, but with the proper process, expertise, and resources, there are specific ways to protect your brand on social media.

This article has singled down five effective ways on how to protect your brand on social media.

Ways to Protect Brand Name on Social Media

  1. Encourage Employee Awareness
  2. Employ the Right Person to Handle Your Social Media Marketing
  3. Set Up A Strong Password For All Your Social Media Accounts
  4. Always Provide Correct and Honest Information
  5. Employ a Moderation Team

Are You Ready to Dominate the Social Media Landscape?

Ways to Protect Brand Name on Social Media

These methods can be a perfect stepping stone to know how to protect your social media accounts and devise early countermeasures to prevent your brand from encountering drawbacks.

1. Encourage Employee Awareness

With a staggering 3.6 billion active users, social media is the place for everyone and everything —  including your employees. There is a high chance that your company's confidential information may end up posted on the internet - which is a threat to the overall well-being of your brand.

As their superior, one of your core tasks is to gather all your employees and provide a concise explanation on how social media plays a vital role in your company's growth and development. That said, it is paramount to never disclose any sensitive and confidential company information on any social media platform. Instead, your staff can be the voice of your company on the internet to ensure that you keep your momentum while increasing engagement.

2. Employ the Right Person to Handle Your Social Media Marketing

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when working on social media is to know how to protect your social media accounts.

It is best to hire a small group of individuals with the required expertise to handle your social media marketing efforts. This way, you can seamlessly secure the safety, security, and privacy of your brand while providing more uniform responses when interacting with customers.

In addition, limiting your official access to a small group of social media experts allows your pages to produce quality posts regularly. Working with a small group makes it easier for you to set up a guideline for them to follow when they create and share content with minimal mistakes based on your posting standards.

3. Set Up A Strong Password for All Your Social Media Accounts

While it seems prolific to maximize the advantages of the internet, you should always keep an eye out to protect your professional reputation on social media.

When creating an account for your social media pages, it is essential to ensure that you know how to stay secured and protect your brand from social media attacks.

One great way to do this is by strengthening your account passwords.

While the majority of social media platforms require their users to have a strong password in place, it is often neglected by many. Society is continuously getting savvier and savvier with modern technology, making it easier for cybercriminals to devise newer ways to hack your accounts.

Here are some practical ways to create a more secure password:

  • Your password should always contain at least eight characters.
  • Make it complex but easy-to-remember by using uppercase letters, symbols, numbers, or other suitable character combinations.
  • Avoid using common and predictable words and numbers such as 1234 or qwerty.
  • Don't forget to update all your account passwords every four weeks or six months.

4. Always Provide Correct and Honest Information

One of the best courses of action to effectively protect and monitor your brand on social media is to provide correct and truthful information on your social media accounts.

Always see to it that your social media experts don't provide misleading information or too-good-to-be-true information to avoid causing further damage to your online reputation.

5. Employ a Moderation Team

While employing a team of individuals to handle your online marketing efforts is a viable way to stay afloat, it always pays to know that deploying a moderation team can be your bread and butter in keeping your social media accounts safe from inappropriate and unnecessary user-generated content.

Content moderators serve as your first line of defense against malicious, abusive, and offensive content caused by internet trolls and other individuals with hostile intent.

With the internet as your backbone, finding the right person to moderate UGC’s on your social media accounts has become easier these days. You can either choose to hire an in-house employee or an agency.

Still don't know where to start?

You can check our moderation services!

Chekkee is a moderation agency with a vast array of moderation services that are highly flexible, depending on your moderation needs and budget. We provide efficient moderation services that will keep you from breaking the bank. Thanks to an expert team of Chekkee moderators in our arsenal, we assure you that we are highly capable of meeting your demands and expectations!

Are You Ready to Dominate the Social Media Landscape?

There are still a lot of effective ways on how to protect your brand name on social media and other internet platforms. But following the strategies enumerated in this article can be your starter pack to survive the cutthroat competition within the digital community.

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