7 Tips How to Manage Social Media for Business
September 10, 2020

7 Tips How to Manage Social Media for Business

Social media has been an instrumental factor in sustaining long-term stability for established businesses and building brand awareness for start-ups. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has put an indefinite pause on all pending business opportunities, marketing set-ups, and expansion plans.

How can your business stay relevant amid the so-called “new normal”, you ask? Read this blog to find out!

Advantages of Social Media Accounts for Businesses

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, the global economy has hit one of its lowest points. Businesses are closing down one by one. However, this does not mean that all hope is lost. Business and employment opportunities may seem more far-fetched, but there are still ways and sources of income that you can try to suffice your needs and daily living.

In the same manner, there are still helpful hacks that you can use to sustain your business and survive. Over the years, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube paved the way for innovative business marketing strategies. The fast-paced rise of digital influencer culture exhibited how the capacity to manage social media for business can work wonders on big and small brands.

Some entrepreneurs are skeptical about the effectiveness of using social media. What they do not understand is how vast its influence can be in terms of generating leads, keeping existing customers engaged, and improving the quality of their services.

It takes familiarity and flexibility before you can learn the ropes of how to manage social media accounts for business. You can also take note of the following tips to make your brand’s transition into the digital community easier and more manageable:

7 Tips on How to Manage Social Media For Businesses

1. Formulate a plan

Before starting your own business, you have to set your primary goals and objectives. Analyze where your business is currently standing. Are your sales dwindling down or do you need to focus more on keeping your followers interested about your products? 

What specific customer pain points can your social media presence resolve? 

Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the pros and cons of each enables you to get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve by creating a digital extension of your brand. 

  • Facebook is best for generating sales, but not for enhancing customer relations. 
  • Twitter is ideal for bringing your brand closer to your audience, but not for sharing content-heavy information about your services. 
  • Instagram is the perfect platform for using visual content and creativity to promote your brand. In contrast, it may not be effective for delivering real-time customer assistance.

It would be a smart move  to use your social media to promote business and gather additional information  about the products and services that you will be offering to your target audience. In this manner, you can measure the results of your promotions and attain the capacity to offer quality service. 

 It would also be essential to create your own business calendar to monitor your sales and ads. This will also help you keep track of your market and identify the areas that need  improvements. 

In terms of finding inspiration for your business, researching case studies and other related services will help your business grow. You also have to know how to manage social media for business because each social media account will serve as the basis of your sales strategies in the future.

2. Familiarize yourself with your target audience

Thanks to the power of social media, businesses and customers now have a universal and easily accessible source of information. The simple act of scrolling over your follower’s profiles is enough to generate a useful compilation of information about their preferences and hobbies. You can use this as the perfect chance to get to know your user base on a more personal level through the following approaches:

  • Record specific keywords related to their demands Read customer feedback and ratings on your products and make sure that it is available for public viewing for potential leads to see. You need to understand who your audience is and be part of their needs so that you can provide it.
  • Monitor your target demographic. Determine what age range exhibits the highest interest rate and number of purchases on your products. If your business has international branches and retail stores, find out which countries generate the highest sales.
  • Stay on trend. Familiarize yourself with the trending topics and hashtags used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Research about this topic and determine whether you can include it in your social media marketing strategies or not.

Concentrate on customer convenience. Since the COVID-19 pandemic led to the new normal way of living, why not devise ways to make contactless payments or make a virtual help desk possible using your social media accounts? By doing that, you can even have a recommendation/referral in an instant. 

  • Make an effort to stay relevant. You can also use your social media presence to raise awareness on specific advocacies and  educate people about cultural gaps and social issues occurring at present. By using your brand to empower  and raise awareness, you boost the relevance of your brand to your target users.

For instance, Nike became a leading shoe brand because of their outstanding and quality products.  They managed to increase their sales by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. They have also surpassed one of their biggest competitors, Adidas, thanks to their solid social media marketing strategy. That said,  it is truly important to build trust and deliver excellent products to your customers even online.

3. Devote yourself to social media

The internet may have made the competition a lot fiercer among businesses, but that does not mean you cannot get the upper hand. Some do not even know how to introduce a brand in social media in a creative, powerful, and relatable manner to attract more audience, and it can pose more serious  problems.

One of the best ways to introduce a brand in social media is to make your content appealing to your audience and appropriate for the platform you are using.

What does this mean?

  • Use Facebook to advertise your services  and share ads that will open a pop-up of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The questions on the pop-up window are clickable so that customers can instantly  send you their specific queries through direct messaging. Entice your followers your website or redirect them to your products page or online shop if you find that they are interested to browse more products.
  • Save the hashtags for your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Create your own hashtags and use it together with your upcoming promotions to build higher audience anticipation. Your hashtags can be based on your brand name or your product. It is an easy way to boost content relevance on your Tweets and Instagram posts and segregate user content and brand mentions.

A decrease in sales and brand involvement is also an example of the major problems that most businesses go through. What this indicates is procrastination is not acceptable, even in a marketing channel that’s as convenient and accessible as using social media.

  • Use your pages to disseminate surveys on payment options that work best for your customers. If you are selling products online, you need to provide options for how customers can pay you and acquire the products they wish to purchase. 
  • Assign social media marketing teams to monitor each competitor’s strategies and boost your business as well. Assess your existing strategies and determine what  can still be improved from those that need to be eliminated.

Businesses are paving their way towards an expansive competition each day due to the continuously increasing supply and demand. It is important to know how to manage social media for business because this will serve as one  of your most dependable platforms for brand engagement.

4. Focus on the voices of your target audiences

Social media is not just a tool for marketing. It is also an instrument for improving business-to-customer interaction.

When you listen to the demands of your customers and leads, you get a clearer picture of where your services are lacking and how you can increase the satisfaction and convenience of your target market.

Most people these days turn to a business’s social media page to raise their queries about the product. In some instances, they also visit the social media accounts of brands to complain about something they didn’t like about the service. Customers feel they are more likely to get a quicker response through private message or by mentioning the brand on their Tweets, rather than using  email or the customer service hotline.

In that regard, you must make your social media pages as responsive as possible to your audience. Be active and engaged especially during your business hours. Of course, whenever there are queries regarding your products and services, you have to address it in a friendly and engaging manner for you to have bigger chances of gaining  loyal customers. You can even answer the queries of the customers too and perhaps have some of your followers open up about their comments and opinions on your competitors’ products and services. Feel free to download app versions of social media sites  on your phone to communicate and attend to people’s concerns while on-the-go.


5. Employ or outsource the services of social media moderators

You can also employ social media moderators to maximize your workforce. 

Moderators for social media ensure content relevance and organization on a business’s page. Here are some of the benefits they can bring to your social media presence:

  • Brand protection – They keep track of follower posts, comments, and engagement and see to it that their opinions do not violate the safety of other customers nor tarnish the company’s reputation. 
  • Customer support – They can also be tasked to answer customer queries in your stead, provided that you brief them carefully on how to respond properly to your customer’s questions and concerns.

Transform social media into the bridge that will allow you to get closer to your customers, develop more powerful content and effective business strategies, and ultimately come up with the best ways to promote business on social media.  At the same time, when you show your customers that you value their ideas, it reinforces higher involvement on their part.

6. Promote as consistently as possible

An excellent way  to get your market heard is to use social media to promote business. If you really want to make your business the talk of the town, then go out there and get your business known to a broader audience..

Promotion helps you build brand awareness among your potential customers and provide them with adequate information. 

It acts as the voice of your company, and possesses everything that your business has to offer. It is also  a way to connect with the people and build rapport with them. 

If you are really very passionate about improving your business, you will understand that a single promotion is not enough because you cannot assure that your ads will appear on your follower’s feeds. There is a correct and sustainable method on how to promote your business on social media. If you have the means and the resources for digital marketing, you can hire graphic designers to create enticing infographics, banners, and product photos to promote your brand. You can even hire social media influencers to use some of your products or convince their followers to try your services.


Here’s how to market your business on social media  more creatively: Produce explainer videos about your market and your services.  

  • Providing customers  with explainer videos is an effective way to relay your business’s  goals and achievements in a manner that captures and retains their attention. 
  • Don’t be afraid  to experiment on different video creation software such as Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro Learning to edit your promotional videos is a plus, too.
  • Have your content featured on social media, particularly on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for your video content?

Ask yourself what specific information and exclusive features you can offer to your audience that your competitors cannot. You can create individual explainer videos for each of your services so you can target the correct demographic. 

Better yet, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. 

  • What type of questions do you think they would want to ask about your services? 
  • What are the selling points of your products and how can you highlight it within three minutes or less in your videos?

Your videos should be enticing, concise, and convincing enough that viewers instantly get all the details they need to know about your business. It will also entice them to make a purchase by the time they finish watching your video.

7. Create a video about your market

It is fairly more challenging for larger businesses and organizations to manage meetings with a broader coverage without the help of a third-party service. A lot can be missed out without a dedicated group that can look into every aspect of the meeting. This is why it is highly recommended seeking the help of third-party services like Chekkee since they have unique platforms that allow them to help larger businesses in terms of forum moderation.

Some of the Chekkee services you will find useful to stop Zoom bombing are the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the activities of members
  • Eliminating malicious and offensive content
  • Implementing forum guidelines
  • Keeping threads updated and organized
  • Promoting consistency and content relevance
  • Upholding member safety and privacy

8. Embrace your brand’s unique identity

Embracing the unique qualities that make your brand standout is perhaps the best way to promote your business on social media.

Think about it. There are several big and small enterprises making a name for themselves all over the internet. Why take the backseat and allow them to take center stage, when you can also use the same resources to make your own spotlight shine brighter?

Most marketing experts would say that the best way to promote business on social media is to relate your services with relevant trends. That is, if you really want to achieve a stable source of income during this pandemic.

Try to picture yourself as a potential customer and not just someone who promotes and sells their brand and products over social media.

  • What are some of the most common positive comments that people have to say about your products? 
  • What emotions or events do people associate with your brand? 

Use this information to make your branding strategies more specific to your business.

Find your business’s identity online and use it to get closer to your customers.

Focusing on what makes your business different from competitors strengthens your online community and it also allows your followers to represent your objectives to potential leads. Do you think that your product is something that you will avail? If yes, then you are off to a good start. 

If you find yourself lacking engagement and interest about the product you wish to sell, then you need to devote more time in developing your business ideas. Explore all angles and possible options that you may have. This includes researching for potential customers on social media, and gathering tips from successful influencers and brands. It is essential to have the capacity to adjust to the situation. Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes in your existing strategies.

Social media has become a universal marketing tool for all businesses and industries.

As you can see, there are several ideas and approaches to consider when you indulge yourself in social media. Ideas and sources of inspiration are overflowing. You just need to be meticulous and concentrate on what works best for your products. 

Do you need more guidance on how to  improve your business through social media? Chekkee offers moderation services for different social media platforms. Chekkee’s team of skilled moderators  provide the expertise necessary in helping your business create a clean and reliable image in the digital community and monitoring user content on your pages.. 

Remember, a responsive page entices customers more effectively. It is important to consider your limits and moderate the times that you will post on your page.


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