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UPDATED October 16, 2020
Written By Stephanie Walker

One of the best investments that you can make for your company is to have a content moderation service that helps you protect your company’s image and reputation. It is unflattering for businesses when some people become when they post rude or sensitive contents on company websites and social media platforms. Such an occurrence is something you need to prevent from happening. What most tech companies do to moderate content is seek help  from the best content moderation agencies.

With that said, it is also important that you deal with reliable content moderation companies who know how to value the money you invest into their services. To help you decide which content moderation companies to go to, here is a complete guide of the top 10 content moderation companies.

What Is Content Moderation and Why Do Companies Need It

Content moderation is all about monitoring and controlling. Its primary focus is in moderating user-generated content like texts, images, videos, and audio clips posted by different people on a particular platform. It is a basic type of labeling task that requires a content moderator to identify or flag certain info or posts that do not meet the company’s guidelines. User content that meets the guidelines after screening are approved for posting.

The relevance of content moderation for companies is undeniable. It does help them maintain a favorable brand image amid random people tarnishing their reputation or spreading infuriating content that negatively impact the mental health of internet users. It also helps them promote their products, services, and campaigns without the frenzy of unnecessary contents or posts.
Here are the leading content moderation companies that will equip your business and customers with ample protection and security against inaccurate and inappropriate user content:

Best Content Moderation Companies

1. Chekkee

We consider this company as among the top content moderation companies because they have a set of unique solutions to moderating various contents like user-generated content, community and forum content, social media content, website content, image and video content. Chekkee’s solutions include AI, automated system analysis, quality assurance, real-time and tailor-made services, and reputable domain professionals.

2. Besedo

This content moderation company offers both artificial intelligence and human-powered services. Aside from the usual content moderation methods, Besedo also targets to screen and monitor fraud, de-duplication, image quality, cyberbullying, counterfeits, nudity, categorization, and illegal items. They also provide you with options on consultancy, quality assurance, and monthly reports.

3. LiveWorld

This content moderation company incorporates deep understanding of native culture and language in order to serve customers better. They offer multilingual services that are capable of meeting various client needs Plus, their moderators work 24/7 to ensure that your company’s needs are always met

4. Lionbridge AI

What’s amazing about this content moderation company is its massive team of qualified workers that operate round-the-clock to ensure that your objectives and guidelines as a company are consistently met.

5. Magellan Solutions

This is another promising content moderation company that offers a myriad of services like automated systems, multilingual support, and of course, content moderation. They also have a very rigid training process that makes them reliable when it comes to providing you with efficient content moderators that would fulfill your needs.

6. Netino

With 15 years of legacy under their belt, they have gained a reputation for being one of the largest companies offering content moderation because of their cost-effective methods to match varying business needs. Their lengthy experience in social media management allows them to generate more viable means to make you reach your online marketing goals. Some of the services they offer are multilingual support, 24/7 assistance, and staff delegation.

7. Pure Moderation

Aside from content moderation services, this content moderation company also offers data entry that’s usually outsourced to boost the efficiency of managing workload. Other services that are available to utilize from their company are game management and customer support.

8. Europe IT Outsourcing

This company is one of the best to do business with in terms of content moderation since the category itself has been one of their forte among other services like digital marketing, web development, SEO marketing, PPC marketing, graphic design, and content creation.

9. Community Sift

Community Sift houses a sub-entity that caters to content moderation needs by utilizing not only the current trends in the digital space but also the language and culture of the target market of your company. This permits you to understand your customers better, thereby leading to an increased efficacy on your operations.

10. OneSpace

Aside from content moderation, this company also offers services other services, such as content development, attribution and keyword search, image creation, deployment support, onboarding and strategic planning, and account management and support.

In a Nutshell

Never hesitate to source help for your content moderation needs if you want to maintain your company’s reputation. There are several content moderation services offering solutions to your content moderation dilemma. Specifically, you can use this list of top content moderation agencies as a quick and initial reference.
Find the one that matches your specific needs. Chekkee is one best example of a dependable content moderation company because of their topnotch services that are tailor-made depending on your objectives, guidelines, and desired results. For us, it’s one of the big things we look for in a content moderation company: adaptability and flexibility.

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