Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life

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UPDATED February 28, 2022
Written By Merlene Leano

Artificial Intelligence is undeniably phenomenal. It continues to surpass what people have envisioned the future to be like. There is already a broad range of AI implementation in daily life, and its application encompasses businesses, customers, and even some third-party vendors.

It would take more than a day to discuss the entire scope of AI in all aspects, but in this article, we will take the time to delve into the integral role of machine intelligence in human life. Particularly, we will focus on customer service, content moderation, and social media. This article will also focus on the impact of AI on the apps and online services that people use daily.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Us Every Day

Isn’t it nerve-wracking how people used to imagine how will ai affect our life? Now, almost everyone lives and breathes advanced technology. Machine learning created drastic developments for businesses and day-to-day living. AI has proven that the possibilities of merging human intelligence with the expanded capacity of machines are limitless.

These possibilities have been made into a plethora of advantages through the following examples:


Chatbots are perhaps the most popular form of AI technology at present. The invention enables businesses to accommodate customers even with a limited workforce for customer support. Through the use of machine learning, they can be programmed to provide accurate and concise answers to frequently raised queries about a company’s product or service. Consequently, waiting time and queues are reduced while customer independence is also highlighted.

During the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was tough for most businesses to stay afloat and maintain communication with their patrons. They had to adopt convenient and modernized contact channels to prevent losing customers. The use of chatbots allowed businesses of all sizes to keep an open line of communication and retain engagement from their target buyers.

Social Media

Artificial Intelligence has been instrumental in processing and analyzing large volumes of user data across different social media platforms. The sheer number of users on a single social networking site is enough to drive brands to their limit. It is simply impossible to go through every single user information for the sake of generating marketing insights and identifying customer pain points.

The implementation of AI in social media concentrates mainly on programming algorithms that made it easier to categorize and produce metrics based on user or follower demographic, page activities, comments, and engagement with a business’s page. AI has helped streamline how companies identify their loyal followers, verify follower accounts, and strategize their ads. As a result, customers encountered promotions and recommendations on their feed that resonate greatly with their personal preferences and needs. If you’ve ever browsed or searched for an item on an e-commerce site only to spot an ad on your newsfeed later on about the same exact product, that’s the AI magic doing its mystical work.

AI can also suggest tweets and phrases for people to use, thanks to predictive text features. By introducing new languages, slang terms, etymologies, and dialects to these bots, artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more conversational and well-equipped to initiate human-like interactions.

For Linkedin, AI goes through an applicant’s job description and work background to determine whether the candidate is suitable for a job hiring post or not.

Virtual Assistants

Similar to chatbots, the importance of AI in daily life is also well-exhibited in the form of automated VAs. Indeed, AI assistants share a specific amount of role and workload with that of chatbots. However, AI virtual staff are more diverse in terms of their “learned” skills and capacity to multitask.

Similar to an FAQ, AI can assist customer support agents by reducing the time and effort exhausted in finding suitable answers to advanced queries. If they have the budget, businesses can employ voice bots or voice assistants for faster transactions and assistance.

Automated virtual staff can take on repetitive and administrative tasks, thereby taking a huge chunk of time off from in-house personnel. The result is an increase in resources that’s focused on conducting other crucial responsibilities to sustain the business.


Music Recommendations

The breadth of how AI affects our lives includes features that focus on leisure and entertainment. AI is capable of storing user information on the music they’ve listened to on repeat, the playlists they create, and the artists they follow to generate a personalized playlist just for them. There are also music apps that suggest artists and songs based on the user’s moods. These apps use deep learning to understand music recommendations submitted by various end-users.

Artists are benefitting from AI in music apps, thanks to how technology enables them to produce their own music, earn from it, and protect themselves from copyright infringement.

How Artificial Intelligence Help Online Stores and Services Saving Money

How does AI affect our daily lives by supporting online stores?

Online Shopping

The mechanism is closely related to how user-generated data on social networking platforms are collated and analyzed. This time, AI focuses on past purchases, browsed products, products added to cart, cart abandonment statistics, and even the mode of payment that most customers prefer to use. The said feature is also known as the ‘shopping algorithm’.

A customer’s shopping algorithm becomes an AI’s ally in helping businesses pinpoint high-selling products from those that need immediate replacement. It gives them an edge in terms of ensuring they meet customer needs through the products they suggest and promotions they send to subscribers of their email campaigns.

If a business has to send promotional emails in bulk, AI makes it easier through automated emails. Companies managing massive inventories need artificial intelligence so they can keep up with returned orders and product stocks.

Engaging with customers and interested buyers becomes such a breeze because AI can operate from day to night.

Digital Content Moderation

Aside from increasing sales, protecting a business’s reputation and upholding user safety are also among the main purposes of AI in moderation. In this context, the uses of artificial intelligence in our daily life are maximized to ensure that people exercise positive communication at all times.

In a forum or group discussion, AI uses profanity filters to reinforce the member’s compliance with posting guidelines. When someone swears at another follower or user, the automated filters will detect and block the said content. It seems like a simple feature at first, but forum threads that are free from inappropriate remarks and curse words dramatically enhance user experience.

Identity theft is rampant and easy these days. Dating platforms and apps are prone to encountering fake accounts and catfishers, and so human moderators need the capability of AI to speed up the verification process for newly registered members. Artificial Intelligence is also quite useful in detecting duplicate images and identifying the unauthorized use of a celebrity’s image as their default photo.

Embedding a QR code feature makes it possible to know whether a user is using multiple accounts to access the platform.

Automated moderation supports real-time conversations. Nothing screams inefficiency louder than slow assistance. When people see that it takes several minutes before they can read the message of another person across the globe, it leaves them no choice but feels instant dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, real-time discussions online also have repercussions. Fortunately, automated reactive moderation allows community members can report content or a user to an AI moderator while a human moderator is not available. As such, the content or user account gets pre-reviewed and the verification process becomes more accurate.

Startups and e-commerce brands should bank on an AI-powered moderator. It is especially useful if they have limited staff at the moment or if they are aiming to target an international audience. An automated moderator serves as an extra pair of vigilant eyes on a business’s online community and pages. Thus, user and brand protection get reinforced 24/7.

Moderate a larger volume of user-generated content even with a small team of online content checkers. Another testament to how AI influence our life is how it can provide practical work arrangements. If you have been reading the news, Facebook has been under fire following complaints involving a toxic work environment for their in-house moderators. The daily exposure to inappropriate and disturbing content causes burnout, trauma, and depression among human moderators—a dilemma that tech-powered moderators do not experience. If humans make up for technology’s limited understanding of user context, then the accuracy and speed of AI compensate for human error and mental health risks.


Artificial intelligence in life is no longer a distant dream nor is it a fantasy. It is continuously being used in various aspects of acquiring new customers, increasing sales and ROI, and preserving buyer trust and business integrity.

Chekkee is an example of how combining AI with humans in the workplace spells higher productivity. Our smart solutions for moderation user content are backed by the flexibility of artificial intelligence and the in-depth knowledge of human content moderators. That said, we get to check user content 24/7, while ensuring that our services adhere to our client’s needs and expectations.

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