Why Customer Reviews Are So Important for eCommerce Business

Trustworthy reviews enhance ecommerce credibility
UPDATED December 23, 2020
Written By Merlene Leano

The internet has given us the chance to do almost everything at the tip of our fingers. With just one click, parcels arrive at our doors without requiring too much effort from us to shop. But why has online shopping gained such popularity nowadays? What makes people purchase a particular product from a specific company?

Online eCommerce is indeed booming today due to its reliability and hassle-free setup. But perhaps the most noticeable among the growing competition among online businesses is the presence of companies that appear to attract more shoppers for some reason.

What is their secret? Reputation.

How do online businesses gain a good reputation that pushes them to get noticed? The simple answer is customer reviews. It is too crucial that it might make or break your company. Excellent reviews will boost your business. It is imperative to work on gaining positive reviews because if negative feedback outweighs it, it becomes destructive and fatal for your company.
This article will discuss why online reviews are so important and how businesses can benefit from them.

Benefits of Online Customer Reviews

The benefits of online customer reviews to a particular online business is just inevitable. That’s why several entrepreneurs do their best to determine how to get customers to write online reviews on their websites. Here are some of the advantages you may get from gaining a good online review:

Increased Sales

Many studies have proven that companies with excellent online customer reviews gain an increase in revenue. The way a person shares his or her experiences upon an online shop will gain a lot more actual payers than the company’s own marketing strategies. The findings show that reviews are trusted up to 12 times more than other marketing materials. As such, with a substantial amount of user feedback, it eventually drives more sales towards your accounts.

Improved Online Visibility

The importance of online reviews goes a long way, literally. Once an actual customer leaves their praises on a particular product or company, it also expands the conversation and engagement from other potential buyers. It triggers the chances of other target markets to join discussions about the product as well; thereby giving your business a free yet effective marketing method.

Build trust and credibility

People believe real, genuine people. In simpler terms, people usually base their decisions upon the recommendations of other individuals who have experienced first-hand what it’s like to use a particular product. It may have already been established that, nowadays, credibility is measured by the number of satisfied users. It is this association that explains why established brands continue to leave their competitors miles behind. As a buyer, who would risk buying from a random brand if there is something that has already been proven to be good, anyway?

Customer Engagement

The improvement of customer engagement is also one of the undeniable importance of customer reviews for online businesses. Any online shopper will have a big tendency to click on the reviews before they even tick that “Check Out” button. Some may have even randomly clicked on the comments to check on what the actual users have to say and use it as references for their decision-making process. Such engagement from satisfied customers that reflects their satisfaction with the product brings possible buyers closer to a brand and eventually increases customer retention and attracts potential customers.

Improved Ranking

Why is collecting feedback from customers important? In more technical terms, the more reviews your website receives, the better search engine ranking your company gets. Each online company has their own strategy when it comes to improving their SEO, but one thing is common: A website needs original and fresh content to sustain or improve its rank. Customer reviews can help in creating contents for your brand that favor what the algorithms are looking for in a reliable website.

3 Reasons You Need a Customer Reviews Moderation

There are various reasons on how customer review moderation can help increase your customer’s trust and loyalty to your brand. It highlights the importance of customer feedback to the overall success of a particular eCommerce business. Here are three of the reasons you need to watch out for:

First Impression

First impressions do last, especially in the process and aftermath of purchasing a product. One of the first things that a customer typically does upon landing on an online store’s page is to check the feedback of the products. From there, they will decide whether they will continue the transaction or not. Often, there are more successful transactions from products with high ratings than those with average ones because they usually depend on their first impression when finalizing their decision-making process. In this regard, review moderation is important for the success of a particular website.

Customer Purchasing Decision

Studies show that 88% of actual customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Having said so, it proves that maintaining good reviews on your products can persuade other potential customers to also continue their transaction with your company. It is to be expected from any person to exhibit a higher probability of making a purchase if another person agrees with or encourages the decision. Shared feedback and opinions, even among complete strangers, can either mean more sales or a drop in revenue.

Points of Improvement

Determining the points to improve and change is one of the reasons why online reviews are important. But it must also be noted that too much negative reviews can also leave an unfavorable impact on the business. This is where moderation enters the picture. A properly moderated review sorts out the negative from the positive ones, making it easier for the company to locate points of improvement and provide solutions immediately.

Wrapping Up

Customer review is crucial in maintaining good reputation and customer loyalty for any online business. Some established brands will prove that what made them reach the top is also their tool in making their distance against their competitors even farther. For small eCommerce brands, gaining good reviews can be arduous.

The good thing is Chekkee provides moderation services that will help any company maintain that ideal image they want while enabling them to gain more actual paying shoppers eventually. With a reliable and flexible partner company on your side, you are assured that nothing can go wrong with sustaining and promoting your business.

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