Top Social Media Moderation Tools and Services for 2023

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UPDATED December 11, 2023
Written By Althea Lallana

Social media platforms continue to reshape the way we connect and interact with others. This has resulted in an increasing number of published content online. However, a significant challenge arises: maintaining the vibrancy and safety of these spaces for all users. This is where social media moderation steps in as a virtual guardian.

Social media moderation refers to monitoring, managing, and reviewing posts, activities, and other user-generated content (UGC) on social media platforms. One of the benefits of having social media moderation services is that it helps keep a safe and healthy online community by observing a particular platform’s rules, standards, and guidelines.

Social media as a tool is highly valuable but also widely accessible. Thus, it is inevitable to encounter unwanted comments, messages, and reports. Social media content moderators contain the damages and help maintain a favorable brand image. They ensure that every published content aligns with the brand’s vision, identity, and values. 

Having said that, the content moderators are also humans who need to take a breather, especially with the amount of inappropriate content they have to monitor. Task automation thus becomes crucial due to the increasing volume of UGC. This is why social media moderation tools and services come in handy. 

Why Social Media Moderation Matters

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Think of a concert without a production or security staff. People without tickets can get in, too rowdy people are unapprehended, and all kinds of theft may happen amongst the crowd. That’s what a social media platform without content moderation looks like.

Users of unmoderated social media platforms are vulnerable to scams, fraud, hate speech, harassment, and misinformation. They are most likely to find, consume, and share harmful and manipulated content that can lead others to fall victim to these online threats. This ripple effect concerns many individuals and society, necessitating effective social media moderation to address these risks and challenges.

Different platforms employ varying degrees of content moderation on social media to promote positivity and ensure a safe and responsible online environment. This protects brand reputation by responding quickly to complaints and concerns before they escalate. It is also instrumental in identifying or removing inappropriate content, therefore mitigating crises and containing damages. This minimizes the risk of account suspensions and other penalties. 

In addition, social media moderators ensure the quality of published content, relevance, and accuracy. They identify, address, and prevent trolls and bots from harming and destroying a brand's image, maintaining brand trustworthiness and credibility. Aside from these, they can track engagements, give thanks to supporters, and monitor mentions, metrics, and statistics across social media platforms. Overall, this boils down to how effective social media content moderation can make a difference.

Key Criteria for Evaluating Moderation Tools and Services

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When choosing the proper social media moderation solution, there are essential features and factors to consider.

  • Large Manpower

Human content moderators are indispensable, particularly when dealing with complex moderation tasks. An effective social media content moderation service should have the capacity to supply a sufficient workforce capable of managing the ever-increasing content volume. This feature is a must during peak seasons when content flow surges.

  • Flexible Payment Solutions

Social Media Moderation can be set up and handled depending on the target.

  • Is it purely image/video moderation?
  • Does it require text moderation?
  • Will it involve community management including posts and comments?
  • Does it require coverage of group chats?

Pricing can be set up either per content type, time required to moderate, or as a dedicated moderator covering tasks on a schedule or 24 hours a day.

This feature is especially helpful for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) which often have limited resources.   

  • 24/7 Operations

Bad actors wait for no one. Threats can emerge anytime, and an effective content moderation service must be prepared to respond promptly, regardless of the hour. This continuous operation guarantees that users enjoy a safe and secure digital environment whenever they engage with your platform.

The company should also cover schedule-based content for campaigns, programs, or ads.

  • Scalability

The selected tool or service should know how to handle the fluctuations in content and users as your community grows. It is also vital that this allows multiple social media moderators to work closely and collaborate simultaneously. 

  • Accuracy

The tool’s accuracy is important for maintaining the quality, safety, and relevance of UGC. Accurate content moderation tools build trust between and among users, driving them to participate more in the online environment and have an enjoyable web experience. Accuracy is also the key to minimizing risks, errors, and legal consequences such as defamation, copyright infringement, and confidentiality.

  • Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring quickly notifies you about problematic, inappropriate, and offensive content. This prevents escalating issues and conflicts and allows you to adapt to emerging trends. Timely user reporting lets you see and assess which reports need immediate action. 

  • Ease of Use

This applies mostly to tools. The ease of use helps users smoothly and intuitively navigate the brand’s social media accounts and web pages. User-friendly content moderation solutions provide accessibility and efficiency to both moderators and end users.

Now that you’re aware of these factors, let’s get into our recommended social media moderation tools and services.

Top Social Media Moderation Tools

Content moderation has become a bridge that keeps that balance between promoting free speech and maintaining safe and healthy digital spaces. Social media moderation tools are used to simplify and optimize the process of moderating and managing social media platforms.  

These tools aid in protecting the reputation of brands, complying with community rules and guidelines, and promoting meaningful online interactions. 

Here’s a list of the top social media moderation tools available in 2023 for effective content moderation solutions. 

NapoleonCat is a versatile social media moderation tool designed to enhance online visibility, monitor social media performance, analytics, and metrics, and effectively manage community interactions. Their auto-moderation solutions provide insights that help you make informed decisions, foster a healthy, responsive, and positive online community, and help maintain organic posts and ads as they automatically remove inappropriate comments, links, and messages. 

Unique features and benefits:

  • Great social media analytics and social media publishing tool
  • Social inbox with content filters
  • Reliable social customer service 
  • Unlimited auto-moderation rules
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • It helps you gain a competitive advantage
  • Respondology

Respondolgy focuses on making a positive impact through technology, maintains a positive and favorable image of your brand, and deals with containing damages and hatred produced by people across social media platforms. Using a combination of AI content moderation and human social media moderation, Respondology ensures that spam, bots, and hateful, inappropriate, and offensive comments are hidden. 

Unique features and benefits:

  • Keyphrase, keyword, and emoji filtering
  • Real-time data
  • Trend tracking and analysis
  • Customizable and immediate moderation
  • WebPurify

WebPurify emphasizes the need to protect both users and brands. They believe everyone deserves a safe web experience while browsing websites and apps. With safety in mind, WebPurify seriously safeguards children as they explore the digital world and maximize online resources. Regarding scalability, WebPurify can accommodate daily postings of photos and videos ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Profanity filtering with offensive intent detection
  • Live image and video moderation
  • 24/7 AI-based image moderation service

Aside from social media moderation, Juicer is a reliable tool for content curation. It helps brands collect all their social media posts and transform them into a solid, beautiful social media feed on their websites, allowing them to easily moderate and control published content.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Social media aggregator that includes a customizable and beautiful social feed
  • Complete control of content curation and social media moderation
  • Prevents duplicate posts
  • Profanity blockers

Hootsuite is the no. 1 tool for social media management. It allows users to maximize their Smart Moderation app that provides real-time monitoring and an automatic moderation service, keeping your brand’s identity clean and spam-free across social media platforms.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Supports Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Detects inappropriate comments, unwanted messages, and trolling attacks
  • 24/7 risk protection
  • Allows you to save time, stress less, grow fast, and get real results on social media

Top Social Media Moderation Services

Social media moderation

Using social media moderation tools is just as important as outsourcing social media moderation services. These service providers are valuable because they can positively and significantly impact your online community or brand. 

Business owners outsourcing social media moderation services expect several advantages: increased scalability, 24/7 monitoring coverage, access to expertise, enhanced user trust and user experience, improved efficiency and brand reputation, cost reduction, and risk management, among others. 

Entrusting your content moderation needs to these providers offers various benefits, notably in the fight against the ever-evolving online threats. The following list of top social media service providers of 2023 can solve such challenges.

ICUC aims to bring a safe, supportive, and global online community, allowing brands to build their reputation and every individual to embody authenticity. Since 2002, their team has expanded to more than 350 multilingual specialists who can cater to over 50 languages, making them the global leader in social media community management and digital customer care. 

ICUC is responsive, scalable, and reliable and works 24/7 to protect brands’ image and reputation. Their social media moderation services include contest moderation, text moderation, video and photo moderation, and scripted engagement.

✓ Scalability
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
✓ 24/7 Operations

With over 27 years of experience, LiveWorld has established a reputation. Their hybrid content moderation comes in significant steps, specifically reputation management, crisis management, response and engagement, and moderation and monitoring. 

As a digital agency, LiveWorld takes it up a notch to work around the clock while protecting and managing brands and their customers. Their social media moderation services are designed to accommodate large-volume or multilingual brands. LiveWorld’s unique services include 24/7 global coverage with 70 language/country combinations across social media platforms, alert moderation, relentless monitoring, and technology agnostic.

✓ Scalability
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
✓ 24/7 Operations

TaskUs provides outstanding customer support, from content moderation to compliance services. Their expert team and top-notch technology continuously meet and exceed customers' needs, deliver prompt and superior results, and make users happy by creating a safe digital space.

TaskUs helps keep the balance between protecting users from harmful content and promoting self-expression. TaskUs’ unique features include fraud prevention, profile impersonation detection, abuse detection, political advertisement moderation, and live customer support. 

✓ Scalability
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
✓ 24/7 Operations

For over ten years, Besedo has helped businesses grow by creating a safer, better user experience for clients towards building customer loyalty. It uses both AI and human content moderation services across social media platforms. 

Aside from Besedo’s ability to moderate all types of content, their experts can also moderate content in 25 languages and support customers no matter where they operate. Besedo has AI automation and manual automation, customized content moderation solutions, built-in reports and analytics, and AI-driven moderation that detects and filters harmful content such as nudity and profanity.

✓ Scalability
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
✓ 24/7 Operations

  • Chekkee

Chekkee provides real-time human and AI-powered content moderation solutions across social media platforms and websites. As a dedicated content moderation company, we offer affordable, reliable, and customizable moderation services in multiple languages. 

Chekkee has flexible payment solutions that provide you payment options according to one or more of the following; moderation according to content type, the time required to moderate, or as a dedicated moderator covering tasks on a schedule or 24 hours a day. With these options, you have the advantage of the best of what you paid, maximizing time, money, and effort. 

Chekkee is, without question, a trusted moderation service provider for varied needs including user generated content moderation, text and chat moderation, community and forum moderation, and profile moderation.

✓ Large Manpower
✓ Flexible Payment Solutions
✓ Scalability
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
✓ 24/7 Operations

Implementation Tips

People holding puzzle pieces

To effectively implement your chosen moderation solutions, whether using a social media moderation tool or outsourcing a social media moderation service provider, it is crucial to keep in mind the following: 

  • Develop comprehensive community guidelines and content rules that clearly outline your platform's responsible, acceptable, and appropriate behaviors.
  • Ensure that community guidelines are accessible to all users and educate them about the importance of responsible content creation and reporting.
  • Arrange moderation tools to match your requirements and align with your brand's identity, mission, and values.
  • Add keyword filters, automation policies, and alert systems to simplify implementation.
  • Use data and analytics to gain insights about your following, user behavior and engagement, and the impact of moderation on your community.
  • By consistently monitoring the effectiveness of your moderation efforts, you will be updated with emerging trends and be prepared for crises and possible fluctuations regarding scalability.
  • Stay informed about legal compliance, laws, and regulations.
  • Conduct regular audits to identify and evaluate which areas need more improvement.
  • Be open to making necessary adjustments based on user experience.

Create a Safe and Healthy Online Community

In 2023, incorporating social media moderation has become more valuable than ever. With the ever-changing trends and interests of social media users, effective social media moderation serves as the linchpin for keeping a safe, healthy, responsible, and positive online environment. Without social media moderation, information disorder and online harassment will become rampant.

Social media moderation ensures that UGC aligns with community guidelines, preventing harmful or inappropriate material from circulating online. Aside from this, social media moderation allows users to consume reliable, factual, and accurate information, contains damages that may affect your brand, mitigates risks, and prevents social issues before they escalate. Therefore, social media moderation services safeguard your brand’s reputation, image, and credibility!

Social media moderation is the key that holds everything in place and opens the door for safer, more trustworthy digital spaces. So, if your main focus lies in outsourcing a social media content moderation service provider, keep Chekkee in mind! Contact us today to learn more!

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