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Moderation Services

Chekee ensures that your website is well-maintained and supervised. Our Web content moderation service
will provide a safe portal for you and your customers for all transactions done through your site.

Our Range Of Professional Web Content Moderation Services

We provide a combination of efficient and time-tested web content moderation services for you, particularly:

PRE-Moderation service

Content posted or submitted by site visitors and users can only be published once it has been fully reviewed. It is a strong preventative measure that keeps unwanted contents from getting through onto your site and helps to keep your business reputation secure.

post-moderation service

Contents are posted in real-time on your company website and are simultaneously checked by web comment moderators. We remove contents that pose a threat to your product. With this, you can maintain a positive online presence while we process the content.

Automated Moderation

In addition to our human-powered moderation service, we can provide you with sophisticated tools that can help you process the contents on your website with higher speed and accuracy. These tools operate using filters and guidelines as defined by your website.

Chekkee has a broad range of expertise in website content moderation services. We can provide you with other options that would best fit your business website. We can modify our services to help meet the specific digital advertising and customer engagement goals that your company or brand aims to achieve.

What Can You Gain From Our Web Content Moderation Services?

Chekkee boosts your business’ online presence by safeguarding your website. Whether the goal is to market a product, promote a brand, initiate a forum, or validate your expertise, we make sure that your website is a place of authenticity and safety. We approach website content moderation delicately and carefully to help you fortify your brand credibility and ensure security for you and your followers online.

We make sure that your business does not miss any of the following when we moderate websites:

 Online reviews give more realistic and objective assessment without bias to the brand and the product. In addition, user-generated content adds to the personalized experience of the consumer.

 Our website moderation service includes investigating and processing photos or visual content to remove obscene and offensive images and keeps only those that are helpful to promote your business.

We safeguard your community from harassment and prohibited content material. Online communities are important in branding because it is where consumers exchange product recommendations.

Protecting your brand’s credibility and reputation is our top priority. We check that every single content posted on your pages is safe for all your members and adhere to what your brand represents.

User profiles are scanned and certified to avoid scamming and fraud. With this we help your business avoid misinformation and prevent the potential loss of customers. Our goal is to maintain authenticity in your website.

We are the well-equipped moderation team you need. We’ve worked with startups and big corporations and we have dealt with a diverse mixture of user content, scammer groups, and propagators of false information.

24/7 Full Scope Moderation Solutions For User-Submitted Content

Chekkee equips your company with a brilliant team of web content moderators to further elevate your presence online. This includes:

Automated moderation

Best paired with human moderation, Chekkee ensures your website has a sturdy moderation game plan that covers speed, accuracy, and reliability all in one go. We reduce time spent on repetitive filtering and drive more attention on reviewing detailed user content.

Detecting illegal or unauthorized streaming and use of copyrighted content

It is essential for site owners to be aware that legislation in a number of countries today determines that they as site owners are responsible for the content that is published on their site, regardless of who posts it. Given this risk, Chekkee can act as an important barrier by swiftly rejecting or removing any illegal or unauthorised streaming or copyrighted content posted by users.

Discarding inappropriate videos or images

From partial nudity to Not Safe For Work (NSFW) visual content, our moderators make certain that your website is family-friendly and that your company reputation is preserved.

Discerning slurs, profanity and language

One of the main goals of our web content moderation service is to keep your business engaged in the online industry by keeping your community active. We achieve that by detecting offensive and discriminating language and keeping it from disrupting the flow of communication within your forum or website.

Dismissing illegal networks and abusive contents

Our website content moderation strategy will be a real asset to your company because it helps you build the ideal website for your business. Our moderators will not tolerate rude and abusive actions as well as illegal connections that might put your company and patrons at risk.

Filtering fake and dummy accounts

By meticulously checking the authenticity of the accounts in your online community, Chekkee guarantees you and your users a genuine and sincere connection online.

Protection against fraud, malware and phishing schemes

We designate website moderators for you who are adept at tracing and recognizing fraud and phishing patterns. Our moderators will keep your website free from irrelevant content and malware.

Remove promotional content designed for competitors

We moderate contents that promote anything other than what you offer. This will ensure consistency in your company’s product promotions and brand campaigns to keep the interest of your loyal customers and attract potential buyers.

Word filter updating and revision

Word filter tools do not update on their own and it is in our best interest to keep your moderation tools up-to-date and efficient in finding obvious and unwanted content. Our moderators can edit and modify moderation tools to enhance website content moderation

A Team Of Online Content Police Moderating Your Social Media Channels

Here’s how our team ensures your digital branding strategies along with your social media
community get the well-rounded and competent protection it needs:

We Call it the 3E’s!




We can provide a website moderation service that is accustomed to your business needs. You can send us a form or simply reach out to us so we can talk about the needs and objectives of your company.


Having your objectives and needs heard, we process and address them right away. We will team you up with our competent and experienced moderators to supervise your website and establish security. With the primary responsibility to set the tone of your website’s user-generated contents, Chekee chooses web content moderators that are equipped with expertise for this type of business need.


After everything is ready, we can immediately start helping you in improving your presence in the online industry by driving customers to your website, regulating your online community, safekeeping your page and most importantly, keeping your online reputation secured.

Experience The Positive Difference That Only Chekkee Can Bring

By working with Chekkee, you are choosing to partner with a keen set of eyes who will be diligent in catering to any and all web moderation challenges. At the same time, we offer incredibly competitive and affordable pricing to ensure that the cost of protecting your site and users is not prohibitive. Our team of web moderators apply both pre-moderation and post-moderation techniques to user-generated content, and police your community with accuracy and precision.

  • Broad Expertise of Moderators
  • Comprehensive Website Moderation
  • Effective Strategy in Patrolling your Website
  • Quality Service

Chekkee practices excellence in every service. Our website moderators make sure that your site is safe and secure by only removing contents that might hurt your business and retaining helpful contents that uphold your guidelines. Our moderation service ensures that unacceptable behaviours do not have a place on your website.


Allow us to help you protect your business and reputation. Benefit from our content moderator services and gain more control of your business’ growth online!

Ready to upgrade your Content Moderation Services to the next level?!