Image Moderation in UGC: Challenges & Solutions | Chekkee
The age of text-only websites has passed. In today's digital realm, visual content has become essential to convey messages effectively, capture the audience's...
Written by Milliscent Lucio
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Enhancing User Experience Through  Automated Content Moderation
Here’s a quick question: What if all the things available online are inappropriate, irrelevant, and unsafe? Alarming, isn’t it? Although this is purely...
Written by Althea Lallana
The Ethics of Content Moderation: Balancing Free Speech and Harm Prevention
The age of passive communication, where Internet users are solely media consumers, has long been dead. The advent of digital media has made...
Written by Laniel Arive
The Future of UGC Content Moderation: Innovations and Trends to Watch
The prevalence of user-generated content (UGC) on social media and other digital platforms has increased more than ever. How can’t it be when...
Written by Althea Lallana
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How to Manage Reputational Risk
More and more businesses are specializing in or taking part in e-commerce. While it has...
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How to Create a Marketplace?
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Who Is a Community Moderator and How to Become One
Just as a community in the outside world is a gathering of people living in...
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What is Artificial Intelligence and Why is it Important?
Have you ever seen visions of the future from before the recent explosion in technology?...
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How to Start Youtube Channel and Get Paid
With the growing popularity of vlogging on YouTube, it's no wonder that netizens of all...
Written by Merlene Leano
A Guide to Selling Baby Clothes Online
Clothes have a very large market and a consistent demand in a holistic view. However,...
Written by Milliscent Lucio
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Why Customer Reviews Are So Important for eCommerce Business
The internet has given us the chance to do almost everything at the tip of...
Written by Merlene Leano
How to Protect Your Brand on Social Media
Social media have opened various opportunities for many brands to gain visibility and stability online....
Written by Merlene Leano
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